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Why and because – perché: Italian grammar lesson 17

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How to use perché in Italian?

Learn how to use its grammar with simple rules and examples.

Why because Italian

Why, because, and for

In Italian, we have just one word to say both why and because: perché. This might sound confusing at the beginning but it actually makes life easier!

We also have another word that we use when we want to give an explanation.

This word is per and is the equivalent of “for” or “because of”.

Let’s see some examples.


Like in English, this question word goes at the beginning of the sentence. Make sure you don’t forget the written stress on the e.

Perché non vieni stasera?

Why are you not coming tonight?

Perché mi parli così?

Why are you speaking to me like that?

Perché vai a Roma?

Why are you going to Rome?

Why in Italian


As we already said, perché is also used in the answer. This word is usually followed by a verb. Let’s have a look at some possible answers to the questions above:

Perché devo studiare.

Because I have to study.

Perché sono arrabbiato.

Because I’m angry.

Perché vado a trovare un amico.

Because I’m going to see a friend.

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Andare a going to Italian

For, because of

Per is a short word that we use to give a reason for something. It’s usually followed by a noun or a pronoun, or by a verb in the base form (in this case, it means “to”).

Non ci parliamo per mille motivi.

We don’t talk to each other for a thousand reasons.

Sono qui per te.

I’m here for you.

Vado a casa sua per parlare con lei.

I’m going to her house to talk to her.

Sono a Venezia per lavoro.

I’m in Venice for work.

Why because perche

Another way to express a reason is giacché.

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