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How it works

  1. Fill out this form. Give us some details on your purchase with the other course or app.
  2. Get your coupon. We’ll send you a link to apply a discount to your new plan.
  3. Apply your discount. Click the link on our email to apply your discount and start a plan.


You may apply for a discount if:

  • You’ve never purchased a plan on Think in Italian
  • You’ve already purchased another self-study course or app
  • The other purchase amounts to 100.00 USD or more
  • The other purchase was made at least 30 days ago (i.e. not recently) and not earlier than 1 year ago

The 100.00-USD requirement is about one single purchase.

You may not add purchases of different apps or courses to reach that amount and qualify for a discount.

No, this offer only applies to yearly plans. I.e. not to monthly plans or lifetime memberships.

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