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Ciao! My name is Stefano. I am an Italian tutor and course author.

After learning 12 languages, I can tell you that we all master languages by listening and mimicking.

With my method, you’ll be speaking Italian from Lesson 1.

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Italian audio lessons + Readings

Original Courses

A huge collection of Italian audio lessons and short readings sorted by level with slow audio, Italian transcript, and English translation to improve your speaking, listening and reading skills.

Audio Lessons

Master grammar patterns and vocabulary by listening and speaking.

Short Stories

Original short stories that make learning fun.


Real news taken from Italian media to see the world in Italian.


Useful conversations from real-life situations for your next trip to Italy.

All levels

Real-World Material

Short Bits

Slow Audio

Bilingual Text

Italian audio course

Ripeti con me!

Research shows that you learn better by relying on speech and mimicking. Just like we did when we learned our first language when we were born.

We didn’t study by reading grammar books or looking up words in the dictionary, we were immersed in what our parents or those around us said.

I am confident that you will improve your Italian dramatically just by listening, repeating sentences, and immersing yourself in the language with my courses!

But you can’t just repeat random sentences. As you listen to the recordings throughout the course, you will notice slight changes in the sentences that you are asked to repeat. This helps you discover grammar patterns and retain the vocabulary you are being exposed to.

If you have a spare 20 minutes each day, you can completely transform your Italian level to the point that you’ll start thinking in Italian yourself in just a few days. Imagine that!

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Italian Readings with Slow Audio

Leggi con me!

Put your speaking into context and make it fun by reading my collection of the best stories, news articles and real-life conversations (you’ll find these highly stimulating).

Listen and digest the readings with the accompanying audio and transcripts in Italian and English to let the language sink in better.

Choose from over 400 short readings of varying difficulty levels to improve both your listening and reading skills.

All levels

Master grammar naturally

Retain useful vocabulary

Speak with confidence

Think directly in Italian

Italian Audio Course Program

Every lessons of Ripeti con me! covers one grammar topic - without teaching grammar

Sentences each
Minutes a day
Audio files + script

What's in a Lesson?


Every Italian text is read by a native speaker at a slow but natural pace to catch every word.

Italian Transcript

There's an Italian transcript to read along if you need a visual aid.

English Translation

No need to look up new words with the complete English translation!

Start thinking in Italian

Expert Reviews

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Student Reviews

Frederica – UK


“Ripeti con me!” has been the best language learning experience I’ve had.  

I have always been really shy about speaking languages, and the fact that you are speaking from the very first day really builds your confidence, makes you much more fluent, in terms of how you’re thinking in the language.

It’s been a real change for me. I couldn’t recommend it enough!



I have been taking lessons with Stefano for a year and a half. Stefano is an excellent teacher. Thanks to him, my Italian has improved dramatically.

Stefano understands all aspects of the Italian language. He has a lot of experience, not only in teaching Italian but also in language learning. This makes him an ideal teacher. I highly recommend him!



I really like learning Italian on Think in Italian. It’s a no-nonsense method that appeals to me – no time wasted doing exercises or playing games.

[Its sentences] are well thought out and they can be adapted to real conversation pretty easily.

No memorization either. It’s right to the point.

Stefano is an incredible teacher, whose recorded lessons are perfect to learn on the go, and at my own pace. I feel increasingly confident in my abilities with each new lesson.
learn languages online
Emily Michelle Fata
Stefano creates a natural environment to speak Italian. It's so much fun to learn and practice speaking at the same time!

learn languages
Samia Sammy
Great and informative course explaining the best ways to master a language from someone who's actually done it.

how to learn Italian fast
Ryan Coombes
Expert Reviews
"This course teaches the language intuitively. It can definitely help you improve your Italian."
nick dalhoff
Nick Dahlhoff
Language Blogger - All Language Resources
"Stefano is a fantastic educator. I recommend his lessons to all language lovers."

terry hsie
Thierry Hsieh
Founder - Polyglot Club in Taipei, Taiwan
"Stefano knows how languages are learned. His course is the best of the learning resources I've tried."
chen ting
Francesca Chen Ting
Chinese-Italian Translator  -