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I grew up in Italy and was raised only speaking Italian.

Now, I speak 12 other languages (at various levels) by using the exact methods that I teach in my courses.

This is why I know my courses create success.

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Your Italian Language Coach

Ciao! My name is Stefano. I am an Italian tutor and course author.

As a serial language learner, I’ve lectured in polyglot clubs about my method.

After learning 12 languages, I can tell you that we all master languages by listening and mimicking.

With my method, you’ll be speaking Italian from Lesson 1.

"Stefano is a fantastic educator. I recommend his lessons to all language lovers."
terry hsie
Thierry Hsieh
Founder - Polyglot Club (Taiwan)
stefano lodola italian teacher

Stefano Lodola
Italian language tutor, translator, polyglot

"Stefano knows how languages are learned. His course is the best of the learning resources I've tried."
chen ting
Francesca Chen Ting
Chinese-Italian Translator  -

Why a New Course?

So many foreign language apps are all about the sparkle and pazzaz that can distract learners from the most important thing – speaking the language.

After teaching Italian to many different people from all walks of life, I started to develop and mold a unique formula to successfully learn the language. 

This is when Ripeti con me! was born. It’s a mix of my years of experience teaching Italian and my own experiences learning other languages. 

This is the only course that prompts you to speak.

And what makes Ripeti con me! different from other courses is that I know it works.

Because I understand that the best possible way to learn a language quickly and effectively is by speaking, but there’s so much more to it.

By simply repeating sentences in Italian your brain is able to remember and form sentences almost subconsciously (like you did when you first learned your own language as a child).

There is no better way to get started learning Italian than trial and error, so with my course, you start speaking Italian from the first lesson. 

So why not get my 7 day free trial and start speaking today?

1:1 Consultation

Would you like to hear my tips directly from me?

I keep a few slots open every month for those who are serious about learning languages.

I’d be happy to help you on your way to fluency.

skype stefano

Our Team


Content Writer

I’m originally from Argentina but grew up in Italy, so I’m bilingual.

I love languages, which is why I studied French and Linguistics in London.

I’m a grammar nerd and I love finding out about the meaning of words.

Eleonora writes interesting blog posts and useful grammar notes.


Content Writer

I grew up in northern Italy, but, as soon as I could, I moved abroad and spent my life studying, learning, and teaching languages.

Apart from foreign languages and cultures, I love rock-climbing, yoga, and poetry.

Marta writes interesting blog posts and useful grammar notes.


Content Writer & Narrator

Writing is one of my biggest passions, and I love to use my skills to build new ways of communication.

Marika writes interesting stories and records them with her own voice.



I was brought up in a bilingual household.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in languages for translation and interpretation from Rome’s International University (UNINT).

Michele translates the stories.



I was born in Italy but after graduating from University I decided to travel around the world.

I loved Asia and that’s why I decided to move, first to South Korea and then to China where I am currently working as a teacher.

Maria edits the stories and also writes interesting posts.

daniele reffatto

Video creator

Italian tutor, digital nomad, soccer lover.

I hop between countries to see the world and new cultures.

Davide creates the video lessons that you find on our grammar notes and blog posts.

guest writer

Guest Writer

I like to observe the world around me and write a few words about it.

The world is full of miracles and they must be mentioned.

Kamenko is learning Italian as you do. If you enjoy writing, you’re welcome to submit your stories.

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