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The best way to master a language is in conversations with native speakers. However, private lessons are expensive. If you took 2 lessons per week, you’d easily spend $300+ per month. Fluency can cost you 1,000s of $$$.
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There are plenty of cheap language-learning apps with a fancy design and a plethora of features. However, they won’t make you fluent because you can’t practice speaking with them. Their cost is not only their price, but also the time wasted without making progress and the confidence and motivation you’d lose.
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Reading app : $5-$15/month
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This is the only course that prompts you to speak all the time. It only costs like one live lesson per month, or more or less like many apps that don’t work! The results become tangible in a matter of days.
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There’s also a selection of 36 readings in MP3 + PDF format taken from the online library. You can find it here.

I believe that my audio lessons Ripeti con me! are what makes the difference.

However, if you’re happy with the readings, there’s a plan for you.

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Rave Reviews by Learners


"Stefano is a fantastic educator. I recommend his lessons to all language lovers."

Thierry Hsieh, Founder, Polyglot Club (Taiwan)

"This course teaches the language intuitively. It can definitely help you improve your Italian."

Nick Dahlhoff, Founder, All Language Resources
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