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5 Study Plan Templates for the Italian Language

This is the only free online study planner for the Italian language with 5 schedule templates.Calculate the time needed to master Italian in 3 minutes and choose one of the templates to get on the right track!

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Why an Italian study planner?​

Learning a language takes time and money. A lot! So, it’s natural to look for information about how long it’s supposed to take and how much it should cost. Especially, if you’ve just started to learn Italian, or if it’s your first foreign language, you probably have many questions about how to study, what resources to use, etc. However, I couldn’t find a serious Italian study planner that could answer these questions concretely and accurately. That’s why I made this free online tool!

Italian study time calculator

I created this free calculator to give you an idea of how long it will take you to reach a certain level of proficiency. It only takes 3 minutes!

After you submit the form below, I’ll create your free lifetime account to store your study plan so that you may review it at any time. I’ll take you to your dashboard where you’ll find all my free resources.

On your dashboard, you’ll get to take some of my courses for free. I’ll also send you my best offers and free resources by email. You may opt out at any time.

Yes, all this is free for you!

Your language skills
How would you rate your skills in your native language? is required.
Were you raised bilingual (or more)? is required.
Have you ever reached an intermediate proficiency in a foreign language? is required.
Have you ever reached an intermediate proficiency in a foreign language? is required.

Namely French, Spanish, Portuguese, or Romanian.

How old are you? is required.
Create a study schedule
Your current Italian level is required.
Set the target level higher than your current one.
Elementary: Can communicate in simple and routine tasks.
Intermediate: Can deal with most situations likely to arise while traveling.
Upper-intermediate: Can interact regularly without strain with native speakers.
Your target Italian level is required.
Set the target level higher than your current one.
Deadline is required.
Based on your weekly time commitment, you need extra days to meet the deadline.
Example: your next trip to Italy.
Deadline is required.
In order to meet your deadline, you need to commit extra hours/week.

Yes! If you follow the plan, you'll be speaking Italian at Advanced level by .


In the intensive plan, you commit 2 hours per day.

Diversify your study activities to cover all the language skills that you need: speaking, listening, writing, and reading.

Even though you could argue that more your study, the faster you learn, I wouldn't recommend studying more than a couple of hours a day because the gain from extra time gradually gets smaller.

At the end of this form, you'll get a detailed weekly plan with all the study activites you need to reach your goal. 100% free!


With a regular plan, you practice 1 hour a day, every day.

Taking 2 live 1-on-1 lessons per week with a qualified teacher or an experienced native tutor is a good pace to practice speaking and get feedback.

This plan is the closest to the one I follow myself and I can assure that you'll make steady progress.

At the end of this form, you'll get a detailed weekly plan with all the study activites you need to reach your goal. 100% free!


There's plenty of free resources online to make the free plan viable.

You need to substitute paid 1-on-1 tutoring with language exchange with native speakers or find other venues to practice speaking. This can be time-consuming and you need to make up for lack of guidance with self-study.

At the end of this form, you'll get a detailed weekly plan with all the study activites you need to reach your goal. 100% free!

Get your results

You're almost there!

After you submit this form, you'll receive the results in your mailbox and will see the study schedule based on your level and the plan that you selected.

These questions below are not used to create your study plan, but I'd love to know more to make my service more relevant to you!

What's your reason for learning Italian? is required.
How long have you been studying Italian? is required.
What are you struggling with? is required.
Gender is required.
Your first name is required.
You'll receive the results together with my best free resources to learn faster. You may opt out at any time.

Italian learning time calculator

It takes 3 minutes to fill in the form. As a result, you will able to:

  • Calculate how many study hours you need to commit every week to reach your target level
  • Select the best learning resources
  • Put those learning resources together into a complete weekly study schedule
  • Set a realistic deadline

To suggest a study plan, this calculator takes the following information as input:

  • Skills in your native language
  • Skills in foreign languages
  • Current Italian level
  • Target Italian level
  • Deadline

After you entered this information, you can choose a study plan based on your time commitment.

This Italian study planner includes a calculator that checks if your deadline is realistic compared with your time commitment.

If the plan you chose is not enough to meet your deadline, you can either change the plan or the deadline to make it viable.

italian study schedule template

How to make a study plan to master the Italian language

There’s a unique tool to calculate how much time and money you need to invest in your studies: the Italian language study planner.

With this Italian study schedule generator, in 3 minutes, you can create a weekly study plan to know exactly what to do in order to master the Italian language based on your schedule.

5 Italian Study Schedule Templates

How to use the learning resources recommended in the templates​

tablet rcm

Ripeti con me!

Ripeti con me!” is the best audio course to improve your speaking skills. It’s a set of audio lessons that prompts you to speak. By listening and repeating simple sentences, you’ll acquire vocabulary and grammar naturally.

You can also take it to learn Italian in the car.

It’s to be taken 20 minutes a day, every day.

phone lcm (2)

Leggi con me!

There’s plenty of Italian news with slow audioItalian short stories, and Italian conversations to practice listening and reading at the same time. If you repeat what you hear, you also get to practice speaking!

It takes about 5 minutes to go through one post. Do it at least 2-3 times a week, ideally every day.

It’s an important part of every Italian language study plan template.

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Other recommended resources

Guides to use language study schedule templates​

My proven study plan templates to master Italian

As a serial language learner, I know what to do in order to master a language.

Honestly, I don’t even build a plan because everything comes out naturally to me.

However, if you’re not familiar with languages, you need a self-study plan to make the most of your study time, choose the right resources, and keep motivation (why learn Italian?).

That’s why I made these study plan templates for the Italian language, each with a different combination of time commitment and budget.

italian language study plan template

How to choose a plan from these 5 examples

Here, you find 5 Italian study schedule templates with different options: time commitment, budget, and recommended learning resources.

If you made a plan with the Italian study planner, you already know which one is best for you.

Else, I strongly recommend you to use the planner. In 3 minutes, you’ll know how much time and money you need to invest in learning Italian to meet your goals.

italian language learning schedule template

What’s the difference between study schedule templates

All these Italian study schedule templates include my favorite resources to learn Italian.

I chose them to cover every aspect of the language, with a focus on speaking, which is often overlooked both by students and language courses.

The main difference is how much time and money you’re willing to commit to language learning.

  • Regular plan: to make steady progress
  • Intensive plan: for faster progress
  • Light plan: for the busy learner
  • Free plan: when your budget is 0
  • Free light plan: for the casual learner

Now, let’s look into these 5 Italian study schedule examples!

Is a language learning template enough?

A language study template doesn’t just list all your learning activities but also shows how often and when you’re supposed to do them.

These activities should cover all the skills that you need to learn: reading, listening, writing and speaking.

If you find that you are lacking a particular learning type, you will need to find a learning activity that can supplement it.

Your weekly planner is for you to check that you’re sticking with your study plan. Each time you perform a learning activity, you can put a mark next to it. At the end of the week, you can count up the marks against your target figure.

Your planner should be between 1-2 months long, no longer. In fact, you need to review your study plan every couple of months. This is particularly true in the first year when you are developing rapidly. The activity or resource that helped last month may no longer be relevant.

This is how you learn a language in hours, not years.

What you get from this Italian study schedule maker

Under the hood, this Italian study schedule builder includes:

  • Language study time calculator from level to level
  • Feasibility check

After you submit the form of this Italian study planner, you’ll get:

  • An email with the results (time, etc.)
  • A downloadable weekly study schedule
  • Tips to use the recommended resources

If compared with the few similar tools I found online, this Italian study planner  has the following advantages:

  • Customized to each learner’s skills and needs
  • Specifically designed by an Italian polyglot
  • Returns a ready-to-use weekly timetable
  • With practical advice on how to study
  • Gives instant results
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