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Going to do: Italian grammar lesson 18

To practice this grammar topic, take Lesson 18 of Ripeti Con Me!
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How to use andare a in Italian?

Learn more about the andare a grammar with simple rules and examples and practice with audio lessons

Andare a: structure

In Italian, if we want to say we’re going to do something we use the following structure: andare a + verb in the infinitive (the base form).

We use this construction to talk about something we’re just about to do. Let’s get started!

Andare a going to

Andare: conjugation

In case you don’t remember the conjugation of the verb “andare”, here it is:

  • Io vado, tu vai, lui/lei va, noi andiamo, voi andate, loro vanno.

As you might know, it’s one of the most irregular verbs in Italian, so it’s always good to try and memorize the conjugation.

Andare a fare Italian

Practice with Quizlet

Here's a set of flashcards and quizzes to practice this grammar topic.

Andare a: examples

Here are some examples:

Vado a fare la spesa.

I’m going to do the groceries.

Cosa vai a fare là?

What are you going to do there?

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I miei amici vanno a mangiare fuori stasera.

My friends are going to eat out tonight.

Noi andiamo a vedere un film.

We’re going to watch a movie.

Vado a Italian

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