To go vs. to go out: Italian grammar lesson 67

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How to use uscire

To go vs. to go out

Think of the difference between the verb to go vs. to go out. These two verbs look similar but mean pretty different things, right?

Well, in Italian we have two completely different verbs: uscire and andare. They’re both irregular, which means they don’t follow a predictable pattern.

This is why in this post, we’re going to focus on their conjugation in the present tense and we’re going to see some examples so that you can get familiarised with them.

Let’s quickly have a look at two examples:

Stasera esco con degli amici.

Tonight, I’m going out with some friends.

Dove vai questo fine settimana?

Where are you going this weekend?

Andare: conjugation

The verb andare simply means “to go”. It’s one of those verbs we use a lot, so it’s important for you to memorize it and practice it.

Here’s the conjugation of andare:

Person Conjugation Translation
Io vado I go
Tu vai You go
Lui/lei va He/she goes
Noi andiamo We go
Voi andate You go
Loro vanno They go

Remember: sometimes the Italian present tense can also be translated as future, so vado might also mean “I’m going” or “I will go”.

Andare: examples

Like in English, the verb andare is usually followed by a place, since we usually go to places. So you will need prepositions like a or in, which mean “to”, and introduce a place.

Let’s have a look at some examples.

A: Dove vai oggi pomeriggio?
B: Vado a casa di mio cugino.

A: Where are you going this afternoon?
B: I’m going to my cousin’s house.

Andiamo in Croazia!

Let’s go to Croatia!

Alla fine andate a teatro?

Are you going to the theater at the end?

Uscire: conjugation

The vebs uscire means to “go out”. This verb is also very common, so make sure you practice it.

Here’s the conjugation:

Person Conjugation Translation
Io esco I go out
Tu esci You go out
Lui/lei esce He/she goes out
Noi usciamo We go out
Voi uscite You go out
Loro escono They go out

uscire Italian

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Uscire: examples

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Let’s now have a look at some sentences with the verb uscire:

Sabato usciamo con degli amici.

We’re going out with some friends on Saturday.

Con chi esci stasera?

Who are you going out with tonight?

Ciao, io esco!

Bye, I’m going out!

As you can see in the examples above, we usually don’t need to mention a place in the same sentence (unlike with the verb andare), since it’s already implied in the verb: we’re going OUT.

However, since going “out” is pretty vague, someone might ask where exactly you’re going.

Have a look at this example:

A: Mamma, stasera esco con Marta.
B: Dove andate?
C: Andiamo in discoteca.

A: Mom, I’m going out with Marta tonight.
B: Where are you going?
C: We’re going to a nightclub.

Uscire conjugation

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