Italy Made Easy Italian Alternative (Works Better for Italian Fluency)


Unlock the secrets to Italian fluency with a fresh perspective! Dive into the pros and cons of Italy Made Easy and discover a dynamic alternative that’ll have you thinking in Italian in no time. 🇮🇹✨

  • Italy Made Easy offers a comprehensive online course, but it’s heavy on grammar and English explanations, which might slow down your speaking progress.
  • Manu Venditti is your charismatic guide through Italy Made Easy, but his lengthy videos could use some trimming to keep you focused on learning.
  • While the course is jam-packed with info, the emphasis on English could hinder your Italian speaking abilities. More Italian, less English, please! 🗣️
  • Think in Italian is the go-to for those who want to start speaking from day one, with minimal English distractions and a natural learning approach.
  • Ripeti Con Me! offers an engaging alternative with spaced repetition, helping you to learn Italian without the grind of memorizing grammar rules.
  • Practice makes perfect! Engage with native speakers and get comfortable in real conversations, rather than just dreaming about Italy. 🌟
  • Commit to just 20 minutes a day with Ripeti Con Me! and you’ll be thinking in Italian before you know it – no more language barriers!

My thoughts

Discover the ultimate Italian fluency hack: Italy Made Easy’s alternative approach for mastering Italian effortlessly. Say goodbye to language barriers!

Italy Made Easy Italian

Italy Made Easy is simple to understand, enjoyable, direct, and interesting.

The creator of Italy Made Easy, Manu Venditti, will guide you through this online course in an engaging and cutting-edge manner. He will also teach you about important cultural aspects.

This course is intended particularly for English speakers.

Many resources are available for free on Italy Made Easy. But it costs money to learn the language, and it’s not exactly cheap.

Each level has over 10 highly in-depth units with 10 to 20 separate lessons each.

Many of the courses contain 150 or more lessons in total. Along with the video classes, there are quizzes, homework assignments, dictation exercises, speaking tasks, vocabulary cards, and more.

Although some of the video lessons are brief, others go on for more than 30 minutes.

Each course has an amazing amount of information. It is also very well organized, guiding students to the proper next steps.

What’s wrong with Italy made easy

The information on Italy Made Easy is quite helpful.

But it doesn’t follow what I think is the optimal approach, which is to speak the language. The pleasure of learning the language is diluted by the comprehensive grammar and cultural notes in English.

The information is intriguing, I’m not saying that, but until you find other ways to practice speaking, it won’t help you become proficient.

Manu also likes to talk a lot. In my opinion, the videos could frequently be cut down in length while still providing all the necessary details.

I believe that the more you hear English, the less Italian you speak.

italy made easy italian alternative


Think in Italian vs. Italy Made Easy

Italy Made Easy provides a charming outlook on the Italian language and culture.

However, its prolix coverage of Italian grammar in English and its frequent digressions on cultural aspects tend to clog the user’s mind with rules and leave them in dreams about Italy instead of focusing on putting knowledge into practice.

On the contrary, Think in Italian gets the user to speak from Lesson 1 with minimal usage of English and no distractions from the natural learning process.

Italy Made Easy Alternative for the Italian Language

Free Guide
How to Learn Languages Fast

Ripeti Con Me! is a fantastic Italian alternative if you’re serious about learning this beautiful language.

You’ll be able to interact with native speakers in actual discussions and feel comfortable doing it!

In Ripeti con me! Everything unfolds according to a schedule. You will hear the same words again in various contexts, so you gradually grow accustomed to them, sometimes without even realizing it.

This is a brand-new, enhanced form of teaching. Words and phrases will be introduced naturally and you won’t have to memorize grammar actively.

With only 20 minutes each day, you’ll be thinking in Italian in a matter of days.

Learn more about the “Ripeti con me” courses here.

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Do you feel like going for a walk?
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  1. This is such a helpful resource for those looking to improve their Italian fluency! Grazie mille for sharing this alternative approach to learning Italian. Can’t wait to give it a try!

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