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Here you will find lots of posts about the best apps to learn Italian.

Nowadays, there are many online courses to learn Italian but it’s not always easy to find a really good one.

If you want to find out what is the best Italian course online, read our posts so that you can make your own decision.

You’ll find a post about the differences between Babbel and Duolingo, one about the differences between Babbel and Rosetta Stone, a Rocket Italian review, a Duolingo review, an Italy made easy review, a Babbel Italian review, a Rosetta Stone review, a Fluent Forever review, a Preply review.

You’ll also find a post about the best microphone for online teaching as well as one about the best laptop for online teaching.

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review languatalk website
Best apps to learn Italian

LanguaTalk review

How does LanguaTalk work? LanguaTalk is a great option to learn a foreign language. You can learn one (or more!) of the following 9 languages:

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what are the difference between Babbel and Duolingo
Best apps to learn Italian

Babbel vs Duolingo: differences

In today’s post, we’ll talk about the differences between Babbel and Duolingo. These two are probably the most well-known language learning apps out there. We’ll

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Review of Rocket languages Italian language
Best apps to learn Italian

Rocket Italian review

Rocket Italian Review With Rocket Italian, you get access to 33 lessons that will teach you the most important aspects of Italian. After that, you

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Review of italy made easy
Best apps to learn Italian

Italy Made Easy review

Italy Made Easy review Italy Made Easy is not only easy to follow but also fun, straightforward, engaging, and comprehensive. It is designed specifically for

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Babbel review italian language
Best apps to learn Italian

Babbel Italian review

Babbel languages Babbel doesn’t only offer Italian, it also offers the following languages: Spanish French German Portuguese (Brazilian) Polish Russian Dutch Turkish Danish Norwegian Swedish

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Rosetta Stone best reviews
Best apps to learn Italian

Rosetta Stone Italian review

Rosetta Stone Italian review As we said, Rosetta Stone is probably one of the most popular Italian courses. In general, the course is pretty fun

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best app for language learning 1
Best apps to learn Italian

Fluent Forever review

Fluent Forever app Fluent Forever is based on a recent scientific breakthrough called spaced repetition. It uses flashcards and a spaced repetition algorithm to help

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Best apps to learn Italian
Best apps to learn Italian

Best Apps to Learn Italian

5 Incredible Online Courses to learn Italian We’ll start by giving you the 5 best Italian courses. Ripeti Con Me is definitely one of the

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Learning Italian

Learning a new language can be an incredibly daunting task. After all, if you’re trying to communicate in another language, there will be a lot of stumbling blocks along the way.

But learning Italian shouldn’t have to be so difficult. In fact, with the right apps and tips, learning Italian can be a ton of fun! If you’re looking for some apps that will make learning Italian easier than ever, look no further than this post.

Within these pages, you’ll discover everything you need to know about using apps to learn Italian – from the best ones for beginning learners to more advanced resources for those who want to take their Italian knowledge up a notch.

What is the best way to learn Italian?

The best way to learn Italian is to immerse yourself in it. Ideally, you’ll study Italian using apps alongside a textbook, but you’ll also need to do some immersion.

If you can get yourself to the point where you can communicate fluently in the language, you’ll find that learning it becomes much easier. Using apps for language learning is a great idea for a few reasons.

The most obvious is that it allows you to get the most out of your free time. Most of us have busy schedules, and there’s no way around it – we don’t have enough hours in the day to immerse ourselves in a new language.

And let’s be honest – as a student, you have even fewer hours in the day than the average person. That’s why apps are a great option – you can use them to supplement your studies rather than taking them away from them.

Apps are also a great way to learn because they’re easily accessible. With all the digital distractions we find ourselves in nowadays, it’s really easy to fall behind and forget what we’re supposed to do.

With apps, you can study whenever you want, wherever you want. Finally, apps are an excellent way to learn because they engage you more with your learning material.

Get talking: Learn with conversation apps

Dialogue apps are some of the best places to start when you’re learning a new language.

There are tons of them out there, and they’re super easy to use – you record yourself speaking, and then people worldwide can use your recordings to practice their Italian.

Some of the best conversation apps for learning Italian include is a great app for learning Italian because it allows you to learn vocabulary through authentic Italian conversations. You can set your own questions and answers to make your conversations personalized to your learnings. is another great Italian conversation app. This one offers many different language combinations to choose from, and all of the content is professionally recorded and edited.

Chat Italiani

Chat Italiani is an Italian-learning app that uses artificial intelligence to pair you with native Italian users.


Italianosimo is another Italian chat app with audio and text transcripts. You’ll find a variety of native Italian speakers chatting away, so you can practice your Italian.

Boost your reading comprehension

Reading comprehension is one of the most important skills to build when learning a new language, and there’s no better way to practice it than to use a reading app.

One of the best ways to practice reading comprehension is to use apps that prompt you to read aloud. Some of the best reading apps for learning Italian include:

  • Read It Later – Read It Later is a great reading app for a few reasons. First of all, it has a ton of reading material, making it easier to find interesting content.
  • Reading – If you’re looking for a Spanish reading app, Readlang is one of the best you can find. It also has many different contents across various languages, including Italian.
  • Semantica – Semantica is another great app for practicing reading comprehension. The content is designed to be difficult, which helps you focus on what you’re reading.

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