A Mondly Italian alternative (works better for speaking)

Mondly is a popular language-learning app that allows you to learn some useful Italian phrases and sentences you can use in your daily life. However, it may lack some useful features – like a focus on grammar and speaking. In this post, I’ll introduce a valid Mondly Italian alternative and discuss its main features.
mondly italian alternative

Mondly Italian

Mondly is a language-learning app developed by Alex and Tudor Iliescu in 2013.

It has soon established as one of the most popular and used apps for learning a foreign language. Currently, the app supports 41 languages and has over 100 million users.

There are new versions of the app (MondlyAR, MondlyKIDS, MondlyWORKS, etc.). In this post, I’ll focus only on Mondly (the original version).

Using Mondly is easy: you can just download the app and start learning without an account. Creating an account allows you to save your progress and use the app on different devices.

Learning Italian on Mondly is fun and engaging since there’s a very interactive interface, and you can access short daily lessons about a wide variety of topics.

Topics include greetings, sports, shopping, public transportation, emergencies, business, travel, and many more. This means that you can really learn useful sentences that you can apply in real-life situations.

What’s wrong with Mondly

If you want to uncover Mondly’s full potential, it is much better to use the Premium version, as the Free version is very limited.

Said so, Mondly offers a broad variety of short, interactive, and engaging lessons and exercises. They help you learn useful Italian sentences. However, there is little focus on grammar.

There aren’t many explanations about grammar rules, which may be a limitation – especially if you want to understand how the Italian language works and get to an advanced level.

Also, there is not too much emphasis on speaking skills. There is a chatbot with which you can interact and record your answers.

However, the interaction is limited to recording your voice and listening to some suggested sentences, and you don’t really have a guide to follow.

I would say that Mondly is a great option to learn useful Italian sentences and vocabulary in an engaging way, but it offers few options to get to an advanced level of grammar and speaking.

A Mondly alternative for the Italian  language

If you want to skip Mondly’s flipsides, I’d advise you to use an app that provides you with grammar insights and gives you the chance to practice your speaking skills.

In this sense, I believe Think In Italian services can be a good alternative to Mondly.

The website offers a broad set of Italian grammar lessons where you can find detailed explanations of how Italian grammar works.

Also, there is a lot of focus on speaking skills, as the idea behind Think In Italian is that the best way to learn a new language is to speak it.

Free Guide
How to Learn Languages Fast

You can find Italian audio lessons (Ripeti con Me) where you can learn new Italian sentences and master the correct Italian pronunciation.

The audio lessons work this way: you listen to a sentence in Italian and have to repeat it after a short time interval.

This approach, based on spaced repetition technique, allows you to retain new words and phrases as you give your brain the time to actively process the information.

With Ripeti con Me, you are constantly prompted to speak, and your brain is always stimulated to process the information you hear (instead of passively repeating it).

Additionally, the platform offers many Italian conversations and short stories (Leggi con Me) together with slow audio, an Italian transcript, and an English translation.

In conclusion, Think In Italian is a valid alternative to Mondly to learn Italian in all aspects (with a particular focus on speaking skills) and boost your fluency.

Learn more about Think In Italian services.

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