Italian Pronunciation Guide for Singers

Italian pronunciation guide for singers by an Italian tenor

The shortcut to Italian pronunciation for singers

Do you sing Italian opera?

Do you feel confident about your Italian pronunciation?

Learn how to pronounce correctly and expressively Italian lyrics, in the only online store of audio recordings of opera lyrics, recorded by an Italian tenor to learn Italian pronunciation for singing and sing opera with confidence like an Italian.

You will find plenty of Italian pronunciation guides for opera singers, but no written material can substitute for repeatedly and attentively listening to good spoken and sung Italian.

Learning Italian grammar and vocabulary doesn’t get you far unless you know how to properly pronounce words. 

Forget about treatises on vowels, double consonants, phonetics…

I’ll just show you how to pronounce each and every word, phrase, and sentence of the lyrics you need to sing.


Listen and repeat, and improve!

Do you need individual guidance on Italian pronunciation, grammar, and conversation?

Singing in a foreign language can be very intimidating.

However, with patience, love, and some online Italian lessons with Stefano, you can learn to sing in Italian.

You need more than a generic Italian pronunciation guide.

If you study operatic singing or classical music, take online Italian lessons with the only Italian tenor who speaks languages!

Why online Italian lessons for singers?

I can provide professional guidance covering:

  • Italian pronunciation and diction
  • Singing performance and expression
  • Italian grammar (to understand lyrics)
  • Italian conversation (to study music and live in Italy)

Perfect diction is essential for opera singers in order to make their performance linguistically understandable without altering the quality of the sound.

Understanding what you are singing through correct diction helps improve your technical aspects as well as the formal and interpretive ones.

I will guide the student in acquiring the right pronunciation, expressive nuances, and correct emission of the Italian phonemes.

Special attention is paid to the 7 vowel sounds, single and double consonants, correct accenting of the words, tonic and phonic accents, and syntactic doubling.

The course foresees a combination of breathing exercises (use of the diaphragm and correct phonation) and the study of intonation and rhythm.

The texts used come from the operatic repertoire and can also be suggested by the students themselves.

This Italian pronunciation guide entails the study of opera scores in all its aspects from phrasing and accents to the direction of the line of singing, intonation, color, and diction.

The aim is to recognize the languages – both compositional and formal – of the different composers in order to make an in-depth study of the dynamic variations, and the approaches to singing based on the personality of the characters.

Special focus is given to the expressive-vocal interpretation as this is closely linked to the words: in fact, the words that put themselves at the service of the sound and not vice-versa.

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