Italian vocabulary 2

Italian vocabulary

In this post, we’re going to teach you some useful Italian vocabulary.

You’ll learn how to say hello and goodbye in Italian, how to introduce yourself in Italian, and some common Italian words.

Let’s get started!

Greetings in Italian

Here are the most common greetings in Italian:


hello (informal) and goobye

The most popular “hello” in Italian is ciao. It can be used at any time of the day.

Interestingly, it can also mean “bye”.

Another option is salve, but it’s more formal.

It’s a safe choice whenever you don’t know whether to sound formal or informal. For instance, you would say salve to the cashier at a shop.


hello (formal)

There are other ways of saying “hello” depending on the time of the day:


good morning

buon pomeriggio

good afternoon


good evening

Buongiorno means “good morning” or “good day”. Buon pomeriggio means “good afternoon”, but it’s pretty formal. Buonasera can be used as a good evening greeting.

a domani

see you tomorrow

A domani literally means “until tomorrow”, so we use it like “see you tomorrow.”

You can use it when you’re leaving the office.

ci vediamo

see you (informal)

Ci vediamo literally means “see each other”, so you can use it as “see you”.

You can combine this expression with a time expression, as in the examples below:

ci vediamo dopo

see you later

ci vediamo domani

see you tomorrow

ci vediamo presto

see you soon

Then there’s this formal farewell greeting:


see you (formal)

Arrivederci literally means “until we meet again”.

We use it to say “goodbye” in a formal way, for instance when you want to say goodbye to your teacher.

If you’re with a friend you can just say ciao, ci vediamo domani!

How to say hello in Italian 2

Learn more about how to say “hello” in Italian and how to say “goodbye” in Italian.

Introducing yourself in Italian

Let’s now focus on words and expressions you can use to introduce yourself:


Nice to meet you.

Mi chiamo Eleonora.

I’m Eleonora.

Io sono Francesco.

I’m Francesco.

Ho vent’anni.

I’m 20.

Ho trentacinque anni.

I’m 35.

Sono di Roma.

I’m from Rome.

Sono nigeriana.

I’m Nigerian.

Sono dottoressa.

I’m a doctor. (female)

Sono insegnante.

I’m a teacher.

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Mi piace leggere romanzi in inglese.

I like to read novels in English.

Mi piace ballare il tanto.

I like to dance tango.

Here’s an example of someone introducing themselves:

Ciao, (io) mi chiamo Elena. Ho 25 anni e sono di Torino. Sono biologa e mi piace cucinare.

Hello, my name is Elena. I’m 25 and I’m from Turin. I’m a biologist and I like to cook.

Useful Italian vocabulary

Learn more about how to introduce yourself.

Common words in Italian

Here’s a list of the most common Italian words:








you’re welcome


sorry (informal)


sorry (formal)


time or weather

Common Italian words 2

Learn more common Italian words.

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