A Rosetta Stone Italian Alternative (Works Better for Learning Italian)


Unlock the secrets to effortlessly mastering Italian with a game-changing alternative to Rosetta Stone. Dive into a method that makes you speak like a local and understand real conversations!

  • Skip Rosetta Stone’s Flaws: Don’t get stuck memorizing phrases that won’t help in real talk. Rosetta Stone might leave you hanging in actual Italian chit-chat.
  • Embrace Contextual Learning: Learn Italian words and phrases within real-life contexts, not in isolation. It’s the secret sauce to actually using the language!
  • Get the Right Tools: Use a platform that encourages active speaking and listening, and doesn’t shy away from the nitty-gritty of everyday conversation.
  • Focus on Practical Vocabulary: Forget “The children ride bicycles.” Learn how to order a cappuccino or check into a Roman hotel instead!
  • Try Ripeti Con Me: A Rosetta Stone alternative that gets you repeating after native speakers, so you’ll be chatting away in Italian before you know it.
  • Short and Sweet: Just 20 minutes a day with the right course can have you thinking in Italian quicker than you can say “mamma mia!”
  • Quality Over Quantity: Master around 300 key words and phrases to grasp 65% of typical Italian conversations. It’s about being smart, not swamped!

My thoughts

Ditch the struggles of learning Italian! Discover a superior alternative to the Rosetta Stone for mastering Italian with ease. Your language journey starts here.

Rosetta Stone Italian

Rosetta Stone is an online language-learning course that teaches you to speak and listen in the target language you want to learn.

Rosetta Stone language’s app and web versions get you started learning right away, with core lesson plans ranging from 10 to 30 minutes in length.

You can choose your proficiency level as well as your goals when you sign up. Based on this, Rosetta Stone creates a learning plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

There are also other learning tools available, such as live videos, phrasebooks, and on-demand videos for many popular languages.

Rosetta Stone’s approach includes high-tech speech recognition to track and improve your pronunciation, as well as tried-and-true lesson styles that get you to speak and learn your language naturally.

What’s Wrong With Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone advertises itself as being more advanced than other language-learning apps, but it does not mean it is flawless.

One of the most popular criticisms of its methods is that it does not properly prepare you for actual conversations with native speakers.

It simply does not encourage you to produce the language, nor does it place any pressure on you to remember what you’ve learned.

This is a challenge for Italian language learners because native Italian speakers like to speak fast. When words and phrases are spoken, the sounds evolve and are reduced or mixed.

This means you can memorize hundreds of Italian words on paper but not understand or recognize them in real-life situations.

If you learn with Rosetta Stone Italian you will learn a substantial chunk of Italian, but you won’t have any immersive experience in directly speaking it.

In addition, Rosetta Stone, like many other Italian language courses, ineffectively teaches vocabulary.

It teaches grammar patterns rather than the words and phrases you’ll need to communicate and express yourself in the language.

Instead of more useful phrases like “I am learning Italian because…”, you’ll be learning sentences like “The children ride bicycles.”

rosetta stone italian alternative

Rosetta Stone Alternative for the Italian Language

A great Rosetta stone Italian alternative if you want to learn how native speakers talk is Ripeti Con Me.

With these courses, you can improve your Italian simply by listening to native Italian speakers and repeating the sentences.

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How to Learn Languages Fast

Ripeti con me! will also teach you Italian vocabulary in the appropriate context so that you can naturally adapt it to different situations.

This course’s vocabulary will come in handy when:

  • Traveling in Italy;
  • Having a conversation with locals;
  • Introducing yourself and expressing your views;
  • Ordering food and checking into a hotel or airport.

You’ll be amazed to learn that you only need roughly 300 words and phrases to understand 65% of a typical Italian conversation.

It only takes 20 minutes a day, and you’ll be thinking in Italian in just a few days.

Learn more about the Ripeti con me! courses here.

Italian word of the day
Hai voglia di fare una passeggiata?
Do you feel like going for a walk?
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  1. This sounds interesting! I’ve always wanted to learn Italian, so I’ll definitely give this alternative a try. Thanks for sharing!

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