A Language Transfer Alternative (Works Better for Speaking)


Discover why Language Transfer might not cut it for your Italian fluency goals and how Think In Italian offers a comprehensive, native-led alternative that’ll have you chatting like a local in no time!

  • Question the Audio-Only Approach: Language Transfer’s lack of exercises and written content could leave you hanging. Don’t settle for just listening—engage with the language fully!
  • Accent Authenticity Matters: Non-native speakers can lead you astray. Insist on learning from native Italian speakers to nail that perfect accent.
  • Track Your Triumphs: Progress you can’t measure is progress you can’t see. Choose a program that shows you how far you’ve come, step by step.
  • Repeat After Me: With Think In Italian, you’ll echo sentences in a native speaker’s rhythm. It’s like having an Italian buddy in your ear, coaching you to greatness.
  • More Than Just Chit-Chat: Dive into Italian culture and grammar with Think In Italian’s holistic resources. It’s not just about talking; it’s about living the language.
  • Level Up: Whether you’re a newbie or nearly native, find material that challenges and grows with you. Don’t get stuck in beginner’s limbo!

My thoughts

Unlock fluent speaking with our superior Language Transfer alternative. Elevate your speech effortlessly. Say goodbye to traditional learning methods.

Language Transfer Italian

Language Transfer is a platform that offers audio lessons in a variety of languages.

It has been created by Mihalis Eleftheriou, a language-learning keen.

Eleftherious himself runs all the courses, which are based on audio lessons with the speaker and a volunteer student.

Language Transfer courses rely on what Eleftheriou calls the “thinking method“: you are asked a question and have the time to think about an answer.

For example, the speaker asks the student how to pronounce an Italian word. After a short pause, the student answers.

Meanwhile, you have the time to think about the answer.

According to Eleftheriou, this approach is much more effective than passive memorization: by actively thinking, you are supposed to learn easier and quicker than by just memorizing.

What’s Wrong With Language Transfer

Language Transfer’s method doesn’t offer exercises, grammar notes, written lessons, or transcripts.

The course relies only on audio lessons, and that’s one of the greatest limitations of the program.

What’s more, the lessons aren’t held by native Italian speakers, and this makes it harder to learn the correct pronunciation and accent.

Language Transfer Italian course is mostly designed for beginners and isn’t linear, so it is difficult to track your progress.

Language Transfer can be a good start to learning some basic Italian, but it won’t get you to a proficiency level.

A Language Transfer Alternative for the Italian Language

Think In Italian courses are a valid alternative to Language Transfer if you want to learn Italian in a more linear and advanced way.

The courses are based on audio lessons (Ripeti con me), Italian short stories (Leggi con me), and grammar notes.

The audio lessons are at the core of the program. They’re held by a native Italian speaker, and this allows you to learn the correct Italian pronunciation by mimicking an Italian speaker’s tone and intonation.

How do they work practically? You listen to a sentence and repeat what you hear after a short time interval.

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In this way, your brain has the time to process the information, and this boosts your memorization process.

Moreover, you have access to blog posts, readings, and grammar notes that complete your learning experience.

Think In Italian’s lessons are gradual (you will progress constantly and naturally) and focus on different aspects of language learning and Italian culture.

The courses are designed for all levels – from beginners to advanced, which means you’ll surely find useful material to practice and learn Italian.

Learn more about Think In Italian courses at this link.

What's a good alternative to Language Transfer Italian?

Think in Italian is a valid alternative to Language Transfer. The platform offers audio courses, readings, and grammar notes. The courses are structured to make you learn gradually and constantly.

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