Berlitz Italian alternative (works better for independent users)

Key Takeaways

Readers will discover the strengths and weaknesses of Berlitz Italian and an alternative program for independent learners.

  • Berlitz Italian focuses on real-world interactions with immersive, goal-focused lessons but lacks detailed grammatical explanations.
  • The Berlitz self-study program is outdated, with poor speech recognition and a complicated user experience.
  • Ripeti con me! is recommended for independent learners, offering gradual exposure to the language and practical conversation practice.
  • By practicing 30 minutes daily, learners can integrate Italian into their routine and improve steadily.
  • Ripeti con me! uses a defined timetable to help learners become comfortable with Italian in various situations.

Quick facts

How does Berlitz Italian approach language learning?

Berlitz uses a direct approach, focusing on real-world interactions and immersive learning without emphasizing detailed grammatical explanations.

What makes Berlitz's immersive learning unique?

Berlitz lessons are conducted in the student's native tongue, using real-world scenarios to teach grammar and vocabulary.

How are Berlitz lessons structured for effective learning?

Each Berlitz lesson follows a "present, practice, and perform" structure to help learners absorb new material and practice in guided and unguided settings.

What are the limitations of the Berlitz self-study program?

The Berlitz self-study program is somewhat outdated, with poor speech recognition, a complicated user experience, and a vague tracking process.

Who might find Berlitz Italian less suitable?

Independent learners with busy schedules may find Berlitz less suitable due to its reliance on offline or online lessons.

What is a suggested alternative to Berlitz for Italian learners?

Ripeti con me! is recommended as an alternative for independent learners, offering a structured, immersive online learning experience.

How does Ripeti con me! facilitate language acquisition?

Ripeti con me! gradually exposes learners to Italian, helping them engage in real conversations and understand native interactions within days.

What is the daily commitment suggested by Ripeti con me!?

The course suggests practicing for just 30 minutes daily to make consistent progress and integrate learning into one's routine.

How does Ripeti con me! ensure language retention?

The course repeats words in various contexts, helping learners become accustomed to them naturally over time.

What is the primary goal of Ripeti con me! for learners?

The main goal is to make learners comfortable interacting in actual discussions with native Italian speakers, fostering natural conversation skills.

My Thoughts

Berlitz Italian

To help learners use the language for everyday communication, Berlitz focuses on real-world interactions.

Less emphasis is placed on detailed grammatical explanations. Berlitz adopted the “direct approach,” which focuses on using language as a tool for interaction.

The core features of the Berlitz method are:

  • Immersive learning: All lessons are given in the student’s native tongue. Grammar and vocabulary are stressed while real-world events are used to present language.
  • Goal-focused: Each lesson is task-based with clearly defined goals. This makes it possible to adopt the new language in real-world contexts right away.
  • Present, practice and perform: To help absorb the new words, every lesson follows this layout. The instructor introduces new material, the learner interacts in both guided and unguided practice, and they are then challenged to put what they’ve learned into practice.

There are various approaches and levels available for learning Italian. You’ll find phrasebooks, dictionaries, and audio recordings among the extra resources.

Ripeti con me! ti guida nell’apprendimento quotidiano.

What’s wrong with Berlitz

The Berlitz program may not be the most suitable choice for you if you want to learn Italian but your schedule prevents you from joining in offline or online lessons.

The Berlitz self-study program is in general a little bit outdated and seems to have a poor speech recognition function, a complicated user experience, and a vague tracking process.

berlitz italian alternative

Impara una nuova lingua con Ripeti con me!

Berlitz alternative for the Italian language

Berlitz Italian is a great program, but it’s not perfect. This is especially true for independent language learners who may want the best option for learning Italian independently.

With that in mind, we’d recommend checking out Ripeti con me!, an online Italian-learning program.

You will be guided by the course to gradually expose yourself to the language, helping you to converse freely with Italians.

You’ll be able to interact with people in actual discussions and feel comfortable doing it this way!

In just a few days, you’ll be able to understand how native Italian speakers interact.

In Ripeti con me! Everything has a defined timetable.

You will hear the exact words again in various situations so that you gradually grow accustomed to them, sometimes without even realizing it.

Free Guide
How to Learn Languages Fast

Learning a new language means developing a new routine.

By practicing just 30 minutes each day, you will be able to make daily improvements with the guidance of this course.

This course will also teach you how to incorporate this new habit into your everyday routine.

Read more about this course, and how to learn Italian if you’re an independent user here.

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Is Berlitz a good way to learn a language?

Berlitz Italian is an excellent program, however it is not without limitations. This is especially true for independent language learners who prefer to learn Italian on their own.

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