An “Italiano Automatico” Italian alternative (works better for speaking)

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Italian language tutor, course author. MEng, MBA. Member of the International Association of Hyperpolyglots (HYPIA). After learning 12 languages, I can tell you that we all master languages by listening and mimicking. I couldn’t find an app to recommend to my students, so I made my own one. With my method, you’ll be speaking Italian from Lesson 1.
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Discover the ins and outs of “Italiano Automatico,” a platform for boosting your Italian skills, and explore a top-notch alternative, “Think in Italian,” that caters to all learner levels, especially beginners!

  • Italiano Automatico is a treasure trove for improving your Italian speaking and comprehension, but it might leave beginners wanting more in terms of grammar and vocabulary. 🤔
  • While you can learn at your own pace, the platform is a better fit if you’ve already got the basics down. Newbies, beware! 🚀
  • Don’t worry about spending a dime; there’s a ton of free content to explore, with over 1,000 words and phrases at your fingertips. 💸🚫
  • Get your pronunciation on point with audio pronunciations included in the mix. Say goodbye to sounding like a tourist! 🎧
  • Feeling stuck at beginner level? Think in Italian courses might just be your Italian language knight in shining armor. 🛡️
  • The courses are crafted by a native Italian speaker who’s been in your language-learning shoes. Empathy for the win! 👟
  • With Ripeti con me, you’ll be repeating sentences like a parrot, but a smart one that’s using spaced repetition to lock in that vocab. 🦜
  • Whether you’re a total newbie or a seasoned learner, there’s something for everyone. No one gets left behind! 🌟
  • Ready to dive in? Check out Think in Italian courses and start your journey to fluency. 🏊‍♂️
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“Italiano Automatico” Italian

The platform “Italiano Automatico” provides a comprehensive range of resources to help learners improve their Italian speaking and comprehension skills.

It offers a range of materials, such as video and audio lessons, interactive flashcards, podcasts, and quizzes, which help ensure that learners understand the content.

The platform is designed so that users can learn at their own pace and level up as they progress.

One of the best things about Italiano Automatico is that it offers a lot of content for free. There are over 1,000 words and phrases to learn, and new content is added regularly.

The platform also includes audio pronunciations, so you can perfect your pronunciation as you go.

What’s more, the “Italiano Automatico” team is always working on new features and improvements, so you can be sure that the platform will continue to get better and better.

What’s wrong with Italiano Automatico

Despite all the great features offered by Italiano Automatico, it is still not perfect.

The “Italiano Automatico” platform is not wrong, per se. It is, however, not well suited for beginners.

The website does not offer much in the way of grammar or vocabulary instruction.

As a result, beginners may find it difficult to progress beyond a basic level of Italian.

The “Italiano Automatico” platform is best suited for those who have at least some understanding of the language, as well as a general understanding of grammar and vocabulary.

italiano automatico italian alternative

Italiano Automatico alternative for the Italian language

Look into Think in Italian courses if you’re looking for a reliable alternative to Italiano Automatico for learning the Italian language.

They were developed by an Italian native speaker who is also a language learner.

The courses emphasize learning Italian in all of its different aspects, with a focus on the speaking element in general and in particular.

The courses are split up into an audio course (Ripeti con me), Italian readings (Leggi con me), and grammar notes.

Ripeti con me focuses on listening to a sentence and repeating it after a short interval. This allows your brain to actively go through the information.

Free Guide
How to Learn Languages Fast

This is a method based on the spaced repetition technique that allows information to stick in your long-term memory.

You can gain confidence in speaking because of the way the course is structured; after a few lessons, you’ll be thinking and speaking fluently in Italian.

The course is also created for all types of students.

Therefore, you can find the right resources to start learning Italian seriously, even if you’re a complete beginner.

Find out more about the Think in Italian courses.

Learn in the car with Think in Italian
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FAQs on An “Italiano Automatico” Italian alternative (works better for speaking)

Does " Italiano Automatico" work?

Despite all of its wonderful characteristics, Italiano Automatico is not flawless. The website does not provide much grammar or vocabulary teaching. As a result, beginners may struggle to go past a basic level of Italian.

Is Italiano Automatico free?

Italiano Automatico offers a lot of content for free but not its courses.

Italian word of the day
Vorrei un cappuccino, per favore.
I’d like a cappuccino, please.
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  1. This Italian alternative sounds amazing! I’ve been trying to improve my speaking skills, so I’ll definitely give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

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