A Learn Italian with Lucrezia Alternative (Works Better for Speaking)

Key Takeaways

Discover a more effective way to learn Italian with Lucrezia’s alternative approach, designed to enhance your speaking skills. Buon Viaggio!

  • Learn Italian with Lucrezia offers detailed video lessons and podcasts but lacks opportunities for active speaking practice.
  • Think In Italian provides a comprehensive collection of blog posts, grammar lessons, and audio courses focused on active speaking.
  • The Ripeti con me course uses spaced repetition and active recall techniques to help you memorize vocabulary and improve fluency.
  • By constantly prompting you to repeat Italian sentences, the course helps you retain information and master pronunciation.
  • Ultimately, you’ll be able to hold real Italian conversations and think in Italian without translating in your head.

Quick facts

What platforms does Lucrezia Oddone use to teach Italian?

Lucrezia is active on Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube, providing diverse digital content to engage learners.

What type of content is available on Lucrezia's YouTube channel?

The channel features lessons on Italian grammar, vocabulary, idioms, culture, and more, offering a comprehensive learning experience.

What's unique about Lucrezia's Spotify podcasts?

The podcasts cover grammar rules and idioms, plus insider tips like when to buy pandoro and panettone at lower prices.

What is a major drawback of Learn Italian with Lucrezia?

The platform lacks interactive speaking practice, focusing more on passive listening and comprehension.

How does Think In Italian differ from Lucrezia’s approach?

Think In Italian emphasizes active speaking and conversational skills, encouraging learners to think in Italian rather than translating.

What technique does Ripeti con me use to enhance fluency?

Ripeti con me uses spaced repetition and active recall, prompting learners to repeat sentences and embed them in long-term memory.

How does repetition in Ripeti con me differ from passive repetition?

It involves actively recalling and speaking sentences, aiding retention and natural fluency in Italian conversation.

Why is thinking in Italian crucial for fluency?

It stops the need for mental translation, making speaking more natural and spontaneous, thus boosting fluency.

What kind of material does Think In Italian provide besides audio lessons?

The platform offers blog posts, grammar lessons, and Italian readings, all focused on Italian culture to make learning engaging.

What is the ultimate goal of Think In Italian courses?

The courses aim to help learners retain vocabulary, master pronunciation, and hold real Italian conversations effortlessly.

Audio images

Parla italiano con sicurezza.
Parla italiano ogni giorno.
Parla italiano con amici.




Come stai?

How are you?

Dove abiti?

Where do you live?

Quanto costa questo?

How much does this cost?

Puoi ripetere, per favore?

Can you repeat, please?

Sto imparando l'italiano.

I am learning Italian.

My Thoughts

Discover a more effective way to learn Italian with Lucrezia’s alternative approach, designed to enhance your speaking skills. Buon Viaggio!

Learn Italian with Lucrezia

Learn Italian with Lucrezia was created by Lucrezia Oddone, a native Italian speaker, and offers a broad set of digital content for Italian learning.

Lucrezia publishes regularly social media content: she is active on Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube. (while the Facebook page and the website are a bit outdated).

The material mainly consists of video lessons, a podcast, and social media posts.

On the YouTube channel, you can find video lessons about Italian grammar, vocabulary, idioms, culture, and much more.

The Spotify podcasts are short audios where Lucrezia talks about grammar rules or idioms and phrases, but you can also find some useful information that only locals can give you (for example, the main curiosities about pandoro and panettone, including when you can get them at a lower price).

Parla italiano con sicurezza.

What’s Wrong with Learning Italian with Lucrezia

Learn Italian with Lucrezia offers a comprehensive set of audio and video lessons; the lessons are very detailed and provide accurate information about Italian grammar and vocabulary.

They also help you put what you learn in context by showing some Italian idioms and expressions.

However, I couldn’t find any chance to practice speaking through these lessons.

In this sense, Learn Italian with Lucrezia is not very interactive because it doesn’t allow you to practice your speaking skills.

You can improve your listening comprehension, and there are quizzes at the end of the lessons to exercise, but there’s no focus on active speaking.

I believe that if you want to learn Italian, video lessons and podcasts where you passively listen are not enough.

My advice is to find an Italian course that allows you to speak and practice your conversational skills.

In this sense, I’m going to introduce a Learn Italian with Lucrezia alternative that allows you to focus on active speaking and learn how to have an Italian conversation.

Parla italiano ogni giorno.

A Learn Italian with Lucrezia Alternative for the Italian Language

Think In Italian offers a broad collection of blog posts, grammar lessons, Italian readings, and audio lessons.

All the learning material focuses on Italy and Italian culture and aims at making your learning process smooth and engaging.

The purpose of the courses is to make you think in Italian and stop translating in your head first. That’s a key skill as it allows you to boost your fluency and make speaking become natural.

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In this sense, Think In Italian’s audio course Ripeti con me is an excellent tool to improve your speaking fluency.

The course consists of a set of audio lessons based on spaced repetition and active recall techniques, and it allows you to memorize new words and phrases just with repetition.

Repetition doesn’t mean passively repeating what you hear: instead, you are constantly prompted to speak as you have to listen to an Italian sentence and repeat it after a short interval.

In this way, you allow your brain to process the information you hear, recall it, and stick it into your long-term memory.

Learning Italian with Ripeti con me allows you to retain useful vocabulary and grammar, master your pronunciation, and be able to hold a real Italian conversation.

Do you want to speak as Italians do? Learn more about Think In Italian courses!

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Dalla crisi, molte aziende hanno chiuso.
Because of the financial crisis, many companies shut down.
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