Italian Boy Names (and their meanings)


Discover the charm of Italian culture through its names! This guide offers a treasure trove of Italian boy names, from the most popular picks of 2020 to unique and strong-sounding options, complete with their intriguing meanings and historical significance.

  • Top Picks: Names like Leonardo and Francesco aren’t just timeless—they’re steeped in Italian heritage. Perfect for parents looking to honor tradition with a modern twist. 🇮🇹
  • Rare Gems: Want your kid to stand out? Go for names like Achille or Leone. They’re not your everyday names and pack a punch with their strong meanings. 💎
  • Strength Personified: If you’re all about power, names like Alessandro (defending warrior) and Orlando (famous for his glory) scream strength and valor. 💪
  • Meaning Matters: Dive into the meanings behind names. Knowing that Matteo means “gift of God” can add a layer of significance to your choice. 🎁
  • Historical Heroes: Connect your son to Italian legends with names like Giulio (as in Caesar) or Dante (as in Alighieri). It’s like giving your kid a head start in history class! 🏛️
  • Embrace the Culture: Picking an Italian name like Luca or Marco isn’t just about a label; it’s embracing a rich cultural tapestry. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter! 🍝
  • Consider the Nicknames: Think about potential nicknames and choose a name like Gianni that’s easily shortened to something cool and friendly like “Gio”. 😎
  • Future-Proofing: Go for names that won’t sound dated. Matteo and Leonardo have been around for centuries and aren’t going anywhere. 🕰️
  • Personal Connection: Pick a name that resonates with you personally. Maybe Enrico reminds you of that unforgettable trip to Rome. 🧳
  • Family Ties: Honor your ancestry with a name like Antonio if you’ve got Italian roots. It’s a nod to your family tree. 🌳

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The Most Common Italian Boy Names

These are the most popular Italian boy names in 2020, based on the official statistics institute’s birth records:

  1. Leonardo. There’s no wonder that this was the most famous Italian name in 2020, as it is the name of the inventor and artist Leonardo da Vinci, probably one of the most famous Italians. The name means strong and brave.
  2. Francesco. This has always been one of the most common Italian names, as the national patron saint is San Francesco d’Assisi. This name means free man or “coming from France”.
  3. Alessandro. This name has Greek origins and means defending warrior.
  4. Lorenzo. The name comes from the Latin Laurentium and refers to an inhabitant of the ancient Latin town of Laurentium. That’s also the name of one of the most popular Italian Renaissance men, Lorenzo de’ Medici.
  5. Mattia. This name has Jewish origins and means “gift of God”.
  6. Tommaso. It comes from Aramaic and means twin.
  7. Gabriele. It means strong man. It’s also related to God. In fact, the archangel Gabriel was God’s messenger in the Bible and in the Islamic tradition, was the one who dictated the Quran to Muhammed.
  8. Andrea. Coming from Greek, this name means masculinity, strength, and bravery.
  9. Riccardo. This name comes from German and means a brave and valiant man.
  10. Edoardo. This name, which has Anglo-Saxon origins, means guardian.
  11. Matteo. It comes from Jewish traditions and means “gift of God”.
  12. Diego. It means educated and cultured.
  13. Nicolò. It has Greek origins and means the winner of the people.
  14. Giuseppe. It comes from a Jewish word that means “to increase”, so the name’s meaning is related to a good wish (to increase the family with other children).
  15. Antonio. Its meaning is “a person who precedes”.

Come ti chiami?

What’s your name?

Unique Italian Boy Names

If you want to choose a name that sounds unique and gorgeous, here is a list of some uncommon yet beautiful Italian boy names:

  • Achille. This name is not very popular in Italy, but it sounds strong and notable for sure. The meaning is uncertain: it may be a frightening wolf, people’s sorrow, or it can refer to a person without lips. The latter is related to the legend of the Greek hero Achilles, according to which he was not able to suck her mother’s milk.
  • Cesare. Today, this name has become a synonym of “emperor”, coming from the legendary Roman commander Giulio Cesare. The meaning of the name is long-haired.
  • Ettore. This name has Greek origins and means supporter of the people.
  • Leone. This beautiful and unique name means, literally, lion. In recent years, it has become more and more popular.
  • Narciso. It comes from Greek and means numbness. It is related to the legend of Narcissus, a handsome boy. One day, the nymph Echo fell in love with him. Since he rejected her, Narcissus was punished by the Gods and fell in love with his own image. As he couldn’t obtain the object of his passion, he eventually died and transformed into a beautiful flower.
  • Romeo. It means pilgrim who goes to Rome. Perhaps, the most famous Romeo in history is the main character of Shakespeare’s drama Romeo and Juliet.

Italian boy names that evoke strength

  • Alessandro. When you think of this name, which means defending warrior, perhaps your mind goes to the iconic leader Alexander the Great. So, there’s no surprise that Alessandro is one of the best Italian names to evoke strength.
  • Andrea. It means masculinity and bravery.
  • Armando. This name directly links to strength as it means brave and strong man.
  • Berardo. This name, which is very rare in Italy, means as strong as a bear.
  • Enrico. It means “powerful in his homeland”. This name was very popular among European noble families, which contributed to relating it to strength and value.
  • Ermanno. It means man of weapons, warrior.
  • Marco. This name means sacred to Mars, the Latin God of war.
  • Orlando. It means famous for his glory, audacious. It has always been related to value and nobleness: in ancient traditions, Orlando was Charlemagne’s nephew.

Did you know that Orlando is the main character of a famous Italian poem? L’Orlando Furiosotells the story of the Christian knight Orlando, who fell in love with the beautiful Angelica. When he finds out that she runs away with a Saracen knight, he goes crazy. He tries to find his sanity in all ways; he even goes to the moon with a winged hippogryph. The whole poem is witty and ironic, and it is a milestone in Italian literature.

  • Paride. This name comes from Greek and means fighter or warrior.
  • Ruggero. This name has always evoked virtue and power; it means valiant spear.

100+ Italian boy names (and their meaning)

So far, we have listed the most popular Italian boy names, those that sound unique, and those that evoke strength.

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You can choose several wonderful names for your newborn bambino, and here is a list of them (together with their meaning).

Ecco una lista di nomi maschili italiani

Here is a list of Italian male names

  • Agostino: it comes from the Latin Augustus and means venerable.
  • Aldo: old, noble.
  • Alessio: defender, helper.
  • Alfonso: ready for the battle.
  • Alfredo: old carrier of peace.
  • Alvise: the house’s sage.
  • Amedeo: to love God.
  • Angelo: God’s messenger
  • Battista: to baptize.
  • Beniamino: beloved son.
  • Biagio: stutterer.
  • Bruno: with dark hair.
  • Calogero: beautiful elder.
  • Carlo: a free man.
  • Camillo: a young man who takes part in sacred rituals.
  • Carmine: garden.
  • Ciro: master, king.
  • Claudio: Lame, coming from the Latin gens (group of families) Claudia.
  • Clemente: calm, mild, merciful.
  • Corrado: giving brave advice.
  • Costantino: tenacious.
  • Cosimo: modest, tempered.
  • Damiano: devoted to Damia (a Greek goddess) or a tamer.
  • Daniele: God is my judge.
  • Dante: perseverant.
  • Dario: a person who owns goodness.
  • Davide: beloved.
  • Domenico: devoted to God.
  • Donato: gift.
  • Elio: the sun.
  • Elpidio: full of hope.
  • Emanuele: God is with us.
  • Emilio: graceful or competitor.
  • Enea: lauded, praised.
  • Ennio: designed.
  • Eugenio: from a noble stirp.
  • Fabio: a broad beans grower.
  • Fabrizio: craftsman.
  • Felice: happy, successful.
  • Federico: powerful protector, powerful in peace.
  • Filippo: a friend of horses
  • Flavio: golden.
  • Franco: a free man.
  • Gaetano: coming from Gaeta (a Latin town).
  • Gastone: inhabitant of Gascony (a French region).
  • Gavino: coming from Gabium (a Latin town).
  • Gerardo: strong and valiant with the spear.
  • Giacomo: God has protected.
  • Giancarlo: the free gift of God.
  • Gianfranco: God is gracious and free.
  • Gianni: God’s gift.
  • Gilberto: noble hostage.
  • Giorgio: farmer.
  • Giosue: God is my salvation.
  • Giovanni: God is gracious, a gift of God.
  • Giuliano: coming from the Latin gens Iulia.
  • Giulio: devoted to Jupiter.
  • Guido: forest or guide.
  • Italo: coming from Italy.
  • Ivano: God’s gift.
  • Lauro: laurel.
  • Loris: coming from the ancient Latin town of Laurentium.
  • Luca: light, born early in the morning.
  • Luciano: born with daylight.
  • Ludovico: valiant warrior.
  • Luigi: illustrious man.
  • Marcello: sacred to Mars.
  • Manolo: God is with us.
  • Mario: virile, devoted to Mars.
  • Massimo: the biggest one.
  • Mattia: a gift of God.
  • Michele: who is similar to God?
  • Nicola: winner for the people.
  • Oreste: mountaineer.
  • Ottavio: octave, son.
  • Paolo: little.
  • Pasquale: relating to Easter.
  • Patrizio: of a noble stirp.
  • Pierluigi: precious stone, jewel.
  • Pietro: rock, stone.
  • Primo: first.
  • Raffaele: God is the healer.
  • Remo: flowing.
  • Roberto: shining with glory.
  • Rolando: famous for being brave.
  • Rosario: rosebush or a crown of roses.
  • Salvatore: God is salvation.
  • Samuele: heard by God.
  • Sandro: protector, defender.
  • Saverio: shining.
  • Sergio: keeper, servant.
  • Simone: listener or God has heard.
  • Silvio: coming from the forest.
  • Stefano: crowned.
  • Tiziano: wild dove.
  • Tullio: coming from the Latin gens Tullia.
  • Umberto: wonderful giant.
  • Valentino: valiant, vigorous.
  • Vincenzo: winner, meant to win.
  • Vito: life or belligerent.
  • Zeno: sacred to Zeus.

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We have collected some of the most gorgeous Italian boy names you can give to your baby.

Have a look at this post if you want to find out some popular Italian names for a girl!

What is the most popular Italian boy names?

The most popular boy name is Leonardo.

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