Italian girl names for your baby (and their meanings)

Whether you are looking for inspiration or simply curious about the most popular Italian names for your little baby, this post is for you! Here are some Italian girl names – from the most traditional to more unconventional ones – together with their meaning.
italian girl names

The most popular Italian girl names

Have you ever wondered what the most common girl names in Italy are? Here is a list with the most popular Italian girl names in 2020 based on the recent birth records from the official statistics institute (ISTAT):

  1. Sofia
  2. Giulia
  3. Aurora
  4. Ginevra
  5. Alice
  6. Beatrice
  7. Emma
  8. Giorgia
  9. Vittoria
  10. Matilde

Unique Italian names for girls

If you want to give your child an exotic name that sounds unique but also beautiful, we have collected some rare Italian girl names for your newborn baby.

  • Bianca. The name refers to the Italian word bianco, which means white, shiny.
  • Celeste. This elegant name has Latin origins and means heavenly, celestial.
  • Dafne. It comes from Greek mythology, as it is related to the legend of the nymph Daphne. The legend says that the God Apollo fell in love with her as a punishment for mocking the God of love Eros. As he chased her, Daphne became exhausted and eventually asked her mother to transform her into a laurel. The Italian name Dafne refers to the nymph and also means laurel.
  • Eloisa. This beautiful and elegant name comes from the French Héloise and means glorious or fighter.
  • Elsa. This name, which is not very common in Italy, has an unclear origin. Its meaning is “God is whole”.
  • Filomena. It has its roots in ancient Greek and means “the one who is loved”. It is very popular in the South of Italy, while less conventional in northern regions.
  • Flora. This name, which sounds very graceful and elegant, means flower.
  • Giulietta. It is a variation from the more traditional Giulia and means sacred to Jupiter.
  • Isotta. It may come from German or Celtic tradition and means iron-made warrior.
  • Nives. This name comes from Latin, and it is inspired by the cult of the Virgin of the Snow. In fact, it means snow.
  • Zoe. The name Zoe has a very exotic sound, yet it is gorgeous. In ancient Greek, Zoe means life. So, the meaning of the name is literally life.

Vintage Italian girl names

The trend of the most popular girl names in Italy has changed a lot in recent years. Several names were widespread in the past, while today they’re less common.

If you’re looking for a name for your newborn baby with a vintage touch, have a look at this list!

  • Agnese. Very popular at the end of the XX century, it means pure.
  • Anita. This beautiful name means altruism and loveliness.
  • Diletta. It means favorite, deeply loved.
  • Elvira. The name has uncertain etymology and means friendly or “temple of the God”.
  • Lucrezia. It has Latin origins and may refer to a Roman gens, i.e., families with common ancestors.
  • Ottavia. This name has its roots in Latin culture and means eighth. In fact, in ancient Rome, it was only given to the eighth child.
  • Rachele. The name Rachele has very ancient origins (it comes from the Jewish tradition). It literally means little sheep, and in general, it means mild, gentle.
  • Rosa. This name and its many variations (Rosina, Rosetta, Rosella) mean “beautiful as a rose”.
  • Serafina. It comes from Jewish traditions and means shining.
  • Violante. This is a beautiful and very vintage name that means similar to violet.

Names inspired by famous women of Italian history

The following names are inspired by famous women who had an important role in Italian history or culture.

  • Artemisia. This unique name is inspired by the Italian painter Artemisia Gentileschi, the first woman to enter the Drawing Academy in Florence. While today this may seem nothing special, you must remember that it was challenging for a woman to establish herself as a professional artist during the XVII century.
  • Nilde. It is inspired by Nilde Iotti, an Italian politician. She was the first woman in the history of the Italian republic to become President of the Chamber of Deputies (Camera dei Deputati). She remained in office for almost 13 years (from 1979 to 1992). During her mandate, Nilde Iotti held many battles towards civil reestablishment (one of her most important accomplishments was the introduction of the divorce). The name Nilde means warrior.
  • Rita. This name is inspired by Rita Levi Montalcini, one of the most famous Italian scientists of all time. Thanks to her research in the neurological field, she obtained the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1986. Not only was she a brilliant scientist, but she also held many efforts in philanthropy and tried to promote the emancipation of women in modern society.

50+ Italian girl names and their meaning

  • Agata: gentle, noble
  • Agnese: pure, chaste
  • Adele: noble
  • Alessandra: defender
  • Alessia: defender warrior
  • Alice: of a noble look, from a noble stirp
  • Angela: God’s messenger
  • Anna: graceful
  • Aurora: dawn or winner
  • Azzurra: with the color of the sky
  • Barbara: stutter or stranger
  • Beatrice: carrier of bliss
  • Benedetta: blessed
  • Camilla: noble and free girl
  • Carla: free girl
  • Carmen: poem
  • Celeste: heavenly, celestial
  • Claudia: lame or belonging to the Latin gens Claudia
  • Chiara: pure, shiny
  • Cristiana: follower of Christ
  • Diana: shiny. It refers to the Latin goddess of hunting
  • Debora: bee
  • Elena: bright and shiny
  • Elisa: God is perfection
  • Emanuela: God is with us
  • Emma: valiant, hard-working
  • Federica: full of peace, lord that protects
  • Filomena: the one who’s loved
  • Flavia: blonde, golden
  • Flora: flower
  • Francesca: a woman from France
  • Gaia: happy
  • Ginevra: white spirit, shining elf
  • Giovanna: a graceful gift of God
  • Giorgia: farmer
  • Giulia: descendant of Jupiter or belonging to the Latin gens Iulia
  • Greta: pearl, precious person
  • Ilaria: cheerful, joyful
  • Ines: pure, chaste
  • Iris: rainbow
  • Isabella: God is wholeness
  • Laura: laurel
  • Linda: pretty
  • Lucia: bright, shining
  • Ludovica: valiant warrior
  • Luna: moon
  • Maddalena: from the city of Magdala
  • Margherita: pearl, daisy flower
  • Maria: loved, dear
  • Martina: sacred to Mars
  • Matilde: strong fighter
  • Monica: lonely, hermit
  • Noemi: sweetness, joy
  • Paola: little, humble
  • Rosa: flower
  • Sara: princess
  • Serena: calm, serene
  • Silvia: an inhabitant of the forest, savage
  • Sofia: wise
  • Teresa: hunter, lovely
  • Valentina: strong, valuable
  • Vittoria: victorious

Choose the perfect Italian name for your baby!

In this post, we have collected some gorgeous Italian names you can give to your newborn baby: the most common, the most beautiful ones, some vintage and unique names… there’s plenty of choice!

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Hopefully, you can find the perfect name for your baby girl!

Have a look at this post if you are looking for a name for your newborn bambino.

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