Italian Dog Names for Your Little Puppy


Discover the perfect Italian name for your furry friend! Our guide offers a variety of charming Italian dog names inspired by appearance, behavior, and famous characters, ensuring your pooch stands out in the park. 🐾🇮🇹

  • Pronunciation is key: Choose a name that rolls off the tongue—after all, you’ll be calling it out every day during those park runs and cuddle sessions!
  • Match the look: Got a fluffy buddy? Batuffolo might just be the name for your little ball of fur. It’s all about capturing their essence in a word.
  • Behavior-based names: If your dog is the epitome of loyalty, Fido (meaning “loyal”) could be the tribute they deserve. 🐶
  • Keep it short and sweet: Italians love a concise, cute name. Something like Dado or Perla is music to the ears and easy for your pup to recognize.
  • Draw from pop culture: If your dog has star quality, why not name them after a famous character? Simba might be a lion, but it’s a roaring choice for a dog too!

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Are you looking for a beautiful name for your cucciolo (puppy)? If you love the Italian language and how it sounds, perhaps you would like to choose an Italian name for your dog.

What’s more, if your dog is of an Italian breed or a mix, it makes sense to pick an Italian-inspired name to pay homage to its homeland.

There are plenty of cute Italian names you can choose for your dog; in this post, you’ll get some inspiration.

Come si chiama il tuo cane?

What’s your dog name?

How to choose an Italian name for your dog?

First of all, make sure to choose a name you can easily pronounce. You will need to call your dogs several times a day, so I bet you don’t want to choose a name you can mispronounce.

Fido, vieni qui!

Fido, come here!

If you want to pick a cute Italian dog name, there are many options. First, let’s find out how Italian people choose a name for their puppies.

When choosing their dog’s name, Italians are inspired by the dog’s appearance (for example, a name for a fluffy dog can be briciola, the Italian word for crumb).

Also, they get inspiration from famous characters, like movie or book heroes.

In general, Italian dog names also depend on the breed and the dog’s characteristics. They can be short and cute, thus evoking the idea of tenderness, or they may sound stronger (for bigger or more aggressive breeds).

Italian dog names inspired by physical appearance

Male dogs

  • Pongo. That’s the perfect name for a cute and playful puppy (the word pongo means playdough).
  • Ciuffo. If you are looking for a cute name for your cuddly pet, maybe ciuffo (the Italian word for topknot) is a great choice.
  • Batuffolo. This name, which means wad, is an excellent choice for a fluffy or chubby dog.
  • Ares. Is your dog strong and evoking respect? Then, Ares (the Greek God of war) could be a good name for your dog.
  • Adone. Coming from a Greek God who symbolized beauty, this name is perfect for good-looking dogs.

Female dogs

  • Briciola. A good option for a small or thin dog, as the Italian word briciola means crumb.
  • Salsiccia. Is your dog a bit chubby? Then, this name, which means sausage, is a cute option.
  • Bianca. The Italian word bianca is the feminine of bianco, which means white. It is the perfect choice for a beautiful white dog.
  • Lana. Does your pet have smooth hair that reminds you of a warm sweater? If so, lana (which means wool) is a great choice.

Italian dog names inspired by their behavior

Male dogs

  • Fido. Maybe the most classic Italian dog name of all time; it symbolizes dogs’ loyalty to humans. In fact, Fido has its roots in the word fidato, which means “loyal”.
  • Argo. In Greek mythology, this was the name of Ulysses’ dog. The legend says that Argo was the first to recognize Ulysses when he returned to his homeland after twenty years. After seeing his owner, he died in his arms. That’s why Argo is the perfect name for a loyal and beloved dog.
  • Ettore. If your dog is big and strong, perhaps Ettore is a good name since it is linked to the legendary Trojan hero.

Female dogs

  • Regina. Is your puppy a very polite and well-mannered dog? Then, regina (the Italian word for queen) is an excellent option for your dog’s name.
  • Fragola. The Italian word for strawberry evokes sweetness, so it is a good option for a sweet and cute dog.
  • Birba. That’s a great name for energetic and lively dogs, those who spend their time running around and playing.
  • Freccia. The word freccia, which means arrow, evokes rapidity and vitality. It’s the perfect name for a very energetic dog.

Popular Italian dog names

Italian dog names are generally short (mainly composed of two syllables) and sound cute. Sometimes, they can be a particular word’s diminutive or a nickname.

For example, you can pick a name that evokes a specific feeling or characteristic.

If your puppy has black and white hair, you can call it macchia (spot) to stress this particular feature.

Furthermore, you can play with different variations of the name macchia: macchiolinaor macchiato, for example.

Here is a list of other popular Italian dog names:

  • Dado (male dogs)
  • Nerone (male dogs)
  • Fiocco (male dogs)
  • Macchia (both male and female dogs)
  • Perla (female dogs)
  • Luna (female dogs)
  • Stella(female dogs)
  • Nuvola (female dogs)
  • Bolla (female dogs)

Italian dog names inspired by famous characters

  • Balto, from the main character of a famous movie.
  • Pluto (Mickey Mouse’s dog).
  • Rex, the “detective dog” from a famous TV series.
  • Lassie, from the popular movie Lassie Come Home.
  • Laika, the Russian dog that traveled in space.
  • Simba: even though The Lion King’s main character was a lion, Simba has become a popular dog name in Italy.

More about Italian dog names

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As we have seen, Italian people tend to name their puppies according to their physical appearance or breed.

In recent years, it has become common to name a dog with a foreign name, mainly inspired by famous characters like movie heroes.

So don’t be surprised if you go to Italy and find out that there are dogs named Dexter, Igor, or Thor!

Are you looking for more Italian names? Then, take a look at our articles about Italian boy names and Italian girl names.

How to say "puppy" in Italian?

To say "puppy" in Italian is 'cucciolo'.

How to say "come here to a dog"?

You can say "vieni qui".

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  1. Aw, those Italian names are so cute! I’m getting another dog soon so I’m looking for name ideas and some of those sound absolutely adorable 😍 

    1. Ciao Nicole!

      I’m Julieta, Stefano’s assistant.

      Please let us know what name you chose for your new dog!

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Are you looking for a beautiful name for your cucciolo (puppy)? If you love the Italian language and how it sounds, perhaps you would like to choose an Italian name...
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