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Martina Cola

Linguistic Researcher
Fields of Expertise

Language Acquisition, Second Language Acquisition, Cognitive Linguistics, Intercultural Communication, Language Teaching


Italian, English, Spanish, Russian, French


Università Roma Tre, Universiteit Utrecht


  • Expert in psycholinguistics with a focus on Italian language learning, delivering insightful content to learners globally.
  • Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural and Linguistic Mediation from Università Roma Tre and a Research Master’s degree in Linguistics from Utrecht University.
  • Published academic work in LingUU Journal and featured on platforms like ResearchGate and Medium.


Martina Cola, a seasoned linguist, combines her deep understanding of psycholinguistics with practical teaching experience to provide learners with authoritative and engaging content about the Italian language and culture. Her writing is meticulously researched, drawing from the best sources to ensure accuracy and reliability. Martina’s approach is uniquely enriched by her personal experiences as a language learner and teacher, allowing her to connect with her audience on a practical level.

In addition to her writing endeavors, Martina teaches Italian to foreigners, imparting her linguistic knowledge and passion for Italian culture. Her professional journey is also marked by her commitment to authentic human connections, preferring meaningful conversations over digital interactions, which reflects in her empathetic and engaging teaching style.


Martina received her initial education at a specialized Languages High School, fostering her multilingual capabilities. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Cultural and Linguistic Mediation, focusing on Russian and Spanish, from Università Roma Tre in Rome. Pursuing her passion further, she completed a Research Master’s degree in Linguistics at Utrecht University, where she also contributed to the LingUU Journal.

Personal Interests

Outside of her professional life, Martina is a lover of all kinds of music and has a profound appreciation for nature and animals. She enjoys staying active through workouts and finds joy in cooking. Her analogical nature drives her to seek real human connections, favoring personal interactions over digital ones.

Future Goals

Martina is nurturing a long-standing ambition to write a book, aiming to share her insights and experiences with a broader audience. Her passion for writing and dedication to her field make this a natural progression in her career.

Articles by Martina Cola

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