How do you say “good” in Italian?


Key Takeaways

Unlock the secrets of speaking Italian like a native! Discover the nuances of using the word “good” in Italian, with practical examples and cultural tidbits that will elevate your language skills. 🇮🇹✨

  • Adjective Essentials: Learn when to use buono for objects (like “a good school”) and bravo for people’s qualities (like “a good coach”). Don’t mix them up, or you’ll sound like a newbie!
  • Noun Nuance: Use bene when “good” is a noun, as in “Good vs. Evil”. Remember, it’s not just about being grammatically correct, it’s about sounding authentically Italian!
  • Expressing Joy: Feeling happy or appreciative? Say Bene! to express that contentment. It’s the Italian way to spread positivity! 😊
  • Very Good Vibes: Amp up your praise with molto bene or davvero bene. Italians will love your enthusiasm and your spot-on language skills!
  • All Good in the Hood: Assure someone everything’s fine with va tutto bene. It’s the perfect phrase to calm nerves and show you’ve got everything under control.

Quick facts

How do you say "a good movie" in Italian?

"Un bel film" uses the adjective "bel" for "good."

What Italian word for "good" is used for people and animals?

"Bravo" is used to describe the qualities of people and animals.

How is "good" translated when used as a noun?

The word "bene" is used when "good" functions as a noun.

What is the feminine singular form of "buono"?

The feminine singular form of "buono" is "buona."

How would you say "very good" in Italian?

"Molto bene" or "davvero bene" can be used to say "very good."

What phrase means "all good" in Italian?

"Va tutto bene" translates to "all good" in Italian.

How do Italians say "Good morning" using a short form of "buono"?

"Buongiorno" uses the shortened form "buon" from "buono."

How is "good" expressed to show appreciation or happiness?

"Bene" is used to express appreciation or happiness, like "Good!"

What proverb indicates a good start leads to success?

"Il buongiorno si vede dal mattino" means a good day is seen from the morning.

How would you translate "a good school" into Italian?

"Una buona scuola" uses "buona" to describe a good school.

My Thoughts

Good in Italian: translation and examples

There are actually 4 Italian words for “good”, depending on how you’re going to use it.

English speakers use “good” as:

  • An adjective, i.e., “a good school” or “a good movie“;
  •  A noun, i.e., “Good vs. Evil“;
  •  An adverb or to express appreciation, i.e., “Oh, good, you’re back!

Let’s see the right words to use in each situation, but very often in Italian Greetings.

As an adjective

In the first case, there are two words for “good”: buono and bravo.

Let’s start with the former. It’s a masculine singular adjective and it is pronounced bwo-no – with an open O on the first syllable, as in “clock”.

Its other forms are buona (f.s.), buoni (m.p.)  and buone (f.p.).

Sometimes you can shorten the masculine form to buon, as in buongiorno (“good morning”) or:

Questo dolce è davvero buono!

This dessert is really good!

When speaking about the qualities of a person or an animal, you can also use the word “bravo“.

Giorgio è proprio un bravo allenatore!

Giorgio is such a good coach!

In other cases, when you would use it as a synonym of “nice”, you can translate “good” to “bello” (beautiful) or its feminine and plural forms bella, belli, and belle.

As for buono, you can shorten its masculine singular form to bel.

For instance, in the example above, I translated “such a good coach” with “un bravo allenatore“.

But if I wanted to say something like: “I had a really good day“, in which “good” can easily be replaced by “nice“, the right translation would be: “Ho avuto proprio una bella giornata”

E’ proprio un bel film.

It is such a good movie.

As a noun, an adverb, or to express appreciation

Sometimes, “good” is used as a noun. In those cases, the right translation is bene

È una battaglia fra Bene e Male.

It is a battle between Good and Evil.

Dovresti usare le tue abilità per il bene dell’umanità.

You should use your ability for the good of mankind.

This also applies to those situations in which you would use “good” to express your appreciation or happiness for something.

Bene! Ora che sono arrivati tutti, posso cominciare a servire il pranzo.

Good! Now that everyone has arrived, I can start serving lunch.

Very good / all good

Let’s move to the next level. How do you say “very good” in Italian? There are two ways to translate the word “very”, and they are both used in this situation.

So, you can either say:

  • molto bene, or
  • davvero bene.

And what if you want to say “all good” in Italian? In that case, the right words are va tutto bene.

Start this new year the good way.

Here in Italy, we have a proverb that says: “Il buongiorno si vede dal mattino“, which can be translated as “You can tell a good day by its morning“.

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It’s our equivalent of “a good beginning bodes well”. 

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How do you use Molto Bene?

In general, you would say "molto bene" to express "very good" in Italian. However, there are also popular informal and/or slang terms, such as benissimo or che bello, that express the same meaning.

What is the Italian word of OK?

"Ok" in Italian is equivalent to "Va bene." Despite being an English term, "Ok" has gradually gained popularity among Italian speakers. 

What does Tutto bene mean?

Tutto bene is a colloquial expression meaning "everything is good".

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You have a fever! Yes, I got influenza.
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