Regular verbs in Italian: the 3 families

In this post, we are going to address everything (or almost) you need to know about regular verbs in Italian. But don’t panic! There’s nothing to get worried about in learning these verb endings, as, luckily, regular verbs always follow a pattern.  

regular verbs in italian: the 3 families

Italian verbs

There are many so-called irregular verbs in the Italian language, including staple verbs like the auxiliary verbs essere and avere.

These are verbs with endings in some tenses that do not follow a consistent pattern.

However, an even larger number of regular verbs in Italian follow a consistent format, a regular pattern, and, once learned it can be simply applied to other similar verbs.

The 3 Italian verb families

As you know from studying the foundations of Italian verbs, they’re divided into three families depending on their endings as organized in conjugations: verbs in -are (first conjugation), -ere (second conjugation), and -ire (third conjugation).

In each of them, the common verbs mangiare (to eat), credere (to believe), and partire (to go) are good instances of regular verbs in Italian.

The endings of the three conjugations for regular Italian verbs in the present indicative, imperfect indicative, remote past, and simple future are shown in the tables below.

This is a great place to start learning regular verb tenses and conjugations.

Present Indicative

Of course, the presente is the tense of today, or now. It means “I eat” or “I am eating” in English.

These are the present indicative’s endings.

–are –ere –ire
io –o –o –o/–isco
tu –i –i –i/–isci
lui, lei, lei –a –e –e/–isce
noi –iamo –iamo –iamo
voi –ate –ete –ite
loro –ano –ono –ono/–iscono

In this Italian grammar lesson, you can find a deep explanation and more examples of the present tense for regular verbs.


The imperfetto is a past tense used to describe events and actions that occur repeatedly in the past.

The Italian imperfetto can be seen in phrases like “We used to meet at the bar every Friday.”

Regular verbs in all three conjugations have the following endings for this tense.

–are –ere –ire
io –avo –evo –ivo
tu –avi –evi –ivi
lui, lei, Lei –ava –eva –iva
noi –avamo –evamo –ivamo
voi –avate –evate –ivate
loro –avano –evano –ivano

Find out how to use and when to imperfetto here.

Remote past tense

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The regular verbs’ endings in the three conjugations for the remote past tense (passato remoto) are listed below.

–are –ere –ire
io –ai –ei/–etti –ii
tu –asti –esti –isti
lui, lei, Lei –ò –é/–ette –ì
noi –ammo –emmo –immo
voi –aste –este –iste
loro –arono –erono/–ettero –irono

To know more about passato remoto click here.

Simple future

Below are the endings for the three conjugations in the simple future time (futuro semplice).

–are –ere –ire
io –erò –erò –irò
tu –erai –erai –irai
lui, lei, Lei –erà –erà –irà
noi –eremo –eremo –iremo
voi –erete –erete –irete
loro –eranno –eranno –iranno

In this post, you can find everything you need to know about the simple future in Italian.

Practice with Quizlet

Here's a set of flashcards and quizzes to practice this grammar topic.

Regular verbs in Italian: wrap up

As you can see, since they all follow the same grammatical rules, there is nothing difficult about Italian regular verbs.

And once you mastered the regular verbs move on to the Italian irregular verbs and remember:

La pratica rende perfetti.

Practice makes perfect.

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