More and more, less and less: Italian grammar lesson 138

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more and more italian
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More and more in Italian

more and less italian

Have you ever wondered how to translate the expressions “more and  more” or “less and less” into Italian?

I’ll give you one clue: you can’t translate them literally!

But do not worry, it’s easier than you think… Let’s look at how to use them correctly.

In English, these expressions are called double comparatives. To convey the meaning of “more and more” in Italian we use the following construction:

verb + sempre più + adjective/adverb/noun

Have a look at some examples:

Giulia sta diventando sempre più intelligente.

Giulia is getting more and more intelligent.

Questo prodotto viene comprato sempre più spesso.

This product is being bought more and more often.

As you know, if the adjective used is short, in English, you can also decide to add the suffix -er to it, and repeat it twice.

In Italian, the construction will be the same.

Fa sempre più freddo.

It is getting colder and colder.

less and less italian

Less and less in Italian

To translate “less and less” in Italian we use exactly the same construction, but we use the word meno (less) instean of più (more).

Easy enough, don’t you think?

verb + sempre meno + adjective/adverb/noun

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Let’s see some examples:

Giulio mi sembra sempre meno simpatico.

Giulio seems to me less and less pleasant.

C’è sempre meno povertà in quest’area.

There is less and less poverty in this area.

Sempre meno also translates “fewer and fewer“, which is used in English with countable nouns:

C’è sempre meno gente qui.

There are fewer and fewer people here.

Sempre di meno, sempre di più

sempre di più italian

In English, you can also use the expressions “more and more” and “less and less” with a verb that is not followed by any adverb, noun, or adjective.

What do you do in Italian then? In this case, when we want to talk about something happening more and more, or a quantity being less and less.

For example, we simply add the preposition di in between the two words:

  • Verb + Sempre DI più.
  • Verb + Sempre DI meno.

Let’s have a look at some examples:

Sta piovendo sempre di più in questi giorni.

It is raining more and more these days.

Questi dispositivi costano sempre di meno.

These devices are cheaper and cheaper (cost less and less).

Sto uscendo sempre di meno in questi mesi.

I am going out less and less these months.

Mi piaci sempre di più.

I like you more and more.

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