How to say “which means”: Italian grammar lesson 249


Unlock the secrets of Italian grammar with our guide on using “il che” to add punch to your conversations. Discover how this simple phrase can link ideas and express consequences like a native speaker!

  • Grasp “il che”: Master the Italian equivalent of “which means” with “il che”, a handy tool to connect your thoughts and add depth to your dialogue.
  • Usage: After dropping a statement, throw in “il che” to introduce a related outcome or opinion, keeping your Italian smooth and your meaning clear.
  • Neutrality: “Il che” is your go-to regardless of gender or number, focusing on the idea rather than the grammar, making it a versatile phrase in your arsenal.
  • Verb Friends: Pair “il che” with verbs like “significa” (means), “vuol dire” (means), “è” (is), or “sembra” (seems) to nail the context.
  • Third Person Singular: Remember, “il che” loves the third person singular form of verbs. It’s like they’re in a grammar romance, so don’t play third wheel with plural forms!
  • Real-Life Examples: Dive into examples that showcase “il che” in action. From social scenarios to personal observations, see how it’s used in everyday Italian.

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How to say which means in Italian?

In today’s grammar note, we’re going to focus on how to say which means in Italian.

In other words, you’re going to learn how to say which to introduce a further comment on something, like in the example below:

Non mi ha detto niente, il che vuol dire che non vuole venire.

She didn’t say anything, which means she doesn’t want to come.

As you can see, we simply say il che.

Let’s read more about this topic!

What does il che mean in Italian?

Il che  means which and is used after a comma to add more information to what was already said.

Have a look at the example below:

Dovrei ottenere il massimo dei voti, il che è improbabile.

I would have to get top marks, which is unlikely.

As you can see, il che points back to the meaning of a whole sentence in the same way as which does.

Il che means the what, which doesn’t make sense.

It refers to a whole concept or idea, so it’s pretty neutral. It doesn’t change depending on gender or number.

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However, since il che refers to an idea or a concept, it is followed by a verb in the third person singular, like in the example below:

E’ arrivata in ritardo, il che non mi stupisce.

She arrived late, which didn’t surprise me.

Also, il che is usually followed by the following verbs:

  • significa (means)
  • vuol dire (means)
  • è (is)
  • sembra (seems)

Il che: examples

Let’s have a look at some more examples:

Non è a casa, il che vuol dire che è uscito con i suoi amici.

He’s not home, which means he went out with his friends.

He doesn’t study, which is a pity.

Non studia, il che è un peccato!

Non avevano freddo, il che mi sembra incredibile.

They weren’t cold, which is unbelievable to me.

No mi ha chiamato, il che è strano.

He didn’t call me, which is strange.

Non si parlano più, il che significa che hanno litigato.

They don’t talk anymore, which means they argue.

How do you use "il che" in Italian?

The term "il che" serves as a conjunction that means which. It is typically used after a comma to provide additional information to what has been previously stated.

Does "che" mean what?

"Che" is a commonly used Italian word with different functions. It can serve as an interrogative adjective or pronoun, meaning what or which.

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