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How to say now that: Italian grammar lesson 179

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Ora che: meaning

Before we start with today’s post, we recommend listening to this song to get in the mood: “Ora che ho te” by Claudio Baglioni.

Have a look at some of the lyrics and focus on the meaning of “ora che”:

Ora che ho te
Amo l’altra gente.
Ora che ho te
Non è più uguale.

Now that I have you
I love other people
Now that I have you
It’s not the same anymore.

You probably guessed it’s a love song.

Now that you read (and hopefully heard) these lyrics, you’re ready to start.

How to say now that in Italian

How to say now that in Italian

In today’s post, we’re going to focus on how to say now that… You’ll also learn how to say once (you)…

As you can see in the lyrics above, we say ora che to mean “now that”. It shouldn’t be hard to remember since it’s a very literal translation.

If we want to say “once (you)” (as in “once you have finished, come here”), we say una volta che.

In order to understand better, we need more context, so let’s have a look at some examples.

How to say once you in Italian

Ora che: examples

You’ll notice that we use ora che with the present or past tense.

Here are some examples with ora che:

Ora che siete andati via, mi rendo conto che mi mancate.

Now that you’ve left, I realize I miss you.

Ora che sei qui, vorrei parlare con te.

Now that you’re here, I’d like to talk to you.

Ora che abbiamo tempo, finiamo questo.

Now thatwe have time, let’s finish this.

Ora chesiamo più vecchi, abbiamo più tempo a disposizione.

Now that we’re older, we have more time available.

Now that in Italian

Una volta che: examples

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With una volta che we can use the past, present, or future tense.

Una volta che literally means “one time that”. We use it as the equivalent of “once (you)” as in the examples below:

Una volta che sei qui ti faccio vedere il quartiere.

Once you’re here I’ll show you the neighborhood.

Una volta che avete finito, potete andare via.

Once you have finished, you can leave.

Fammi sapere una volta che hai comprato tutto.

Let me know once you have bought everything.

Una volta che sarete lì, non vorrete andare via.

Once you’re there, you won’t want to leave.

Once you in Italian 1

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