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Embark on a captivating voyage through time! Master the intricacies of Italian past tense with immersive conjugation drills. Join us now! Introduction to Italian Past Tense Passato Prossimo: A Journey...
What is the progressive tense? In Italian, how can you say that something is happening at the time you’re speaking? This idea can be described in English using the present...
What is the Italian compound gerund? The Italian present gerund is the equivalent of the English -ing, as in eating. You’ll spot it because it ends in -ando or in...
What is the Italian infinitive? To understand what an infinitive is, you need to know what a verb is. A verb is a word that refers to an action. Examples...
How to form the infinitive past in Italian? Learn the grammar with simple rules and examples and practice with audio lessons.
What is the past participle? The Italian past participle is the equivalent of played, cleaned, done, gone, seen, etc. Below are some examples: Ho appena visto tuo fratello. I have...
In Italian, we have different tenses for talking about the past. The most widely used is the passato prossimo, which can be used both as an equivalent of the English...
What is the past conditional in Italian? You might be wondering what on earth the conditional is. Have a look at the sentences below to understand better. Focus on the...
Learn how to use the irregular passato prossimo (past tense) in Italian. Grammar lesson with simple rules, examples, verb conjugations, sentences and exercises.

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