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Unlock the secrets to sounding like a native with our guide on the Italian “nice to meet you”! From formal introductions to casual greetings, learn the perfect phrases for every encounter. 🇮🇹🤝

  • Formal Greetings: Step up your politeness game with “piacere di conoscerla“, the go-to phrase when meeting someone with a touch of respect. 👔
  • Informal Intros: Keep it cool and casual with just “piacere” or “molto piacere” when bumping into new friends at the local bar. 🍻
  • Responding Right: When someone hits you with a “nice to meet you,” shoot back a smooth “il piacere è mio” to keep the vibe friendly and appreciative. 😉
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Dive into the deep end of Italian conversations and let repetition be your guide to mastering these essential phrases. 🎯
  • Real-Life Learning: Engage in authentic Italian chit-chat as much as possible; it’s the fast track to getting these expressions down pat without breaking a sweat. 💬
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Let’s start with the formal ways.

Translate nice to meet you to Italian

Formal translations of “nice to meet you” in Italian

The literal translation of “it’s nice to meet you” is “è un piacere conoscerti“, but no Italian would say it like that.

They often change it to piacere di conoscerti, or use some variants depending on the context.

There are formal and informal ways to say it, and they are very similar to each other.

As I wrote above, the standard way to say “nice to meet you” in Italian is piacere di conoscerti.

However, if you want to sound formal or you’re talking with someone older than you, you should change it to piacere di conoscerla.

This is because of a courtesy form that Italians use when they want to show respect to someone.

It consists of replacing the pronoun tu with lei and declining every other word accordingly.

E.g.: Imagine your friend Sergio introduces you to his friends at the pub. They’ll probably say something like:

Ehi, piacere di conoscerti. Come hai conosciuto Sergio?

Hey, nice to meet you. How did you meet Sergio?

But if instead, Sergio decides to bring you home and make you meet his parents, and you’ll have to say something like:

Piacere di conoscerla. Lei ha una bellissima casa, lo sa?

Nice to meet you. You have a lovely house, you know?

If you want to sound even more formal, you can say “sono lieto di conoscerla” (I’m glad to meet you). This form, however, is obsolete and is used in rare situations.

Other ways to say nice to meet you in Italian

Informal ways

All the informal ways to translate “nice to meet you” to Italian cut on the final part of piacere di conoscerti. For instance, you can just say piacere and skip the rest.

Piacere, sono John.

Nice to meet you; I’m John

Alternatively, you can say molto piacere, which means you’re very glad to meet the person you’re talking to.

Molto piacere, sono Marta. Non ci siamo già visti al Bar Rossi la scorsa settimana?

It’s very nice to meet you, I’m Marta. Haven’t we already met at the Rossi Bar last week?

Finally, how do you answer when someone tells you “nice to meet you” in Italian? Even in this case, there is a standard sentence (il piacere è mio) that can be extended when you want to sound extra formal (il piacere è tutto mio) or shortened in informal situations (piacere mio).

Learning Italian through daily conversations

Practice makes perfect

Basically, all the ways to translate “nice to meet you” to Italian derive from a single expression, which can be shortened or modified depending on the context.

Free Guide
How to Learn Languages Fast

But how do you figure out which form best suits your situation? Simple: through practice.

Listening and repeating is the best way to learn any language. Time after time, the logic behind each expression or grammatical structure will become more and more clear to you.

That’s one of the reasons why we have a bundle of audio lessons focused on repeating Italian conversations.

The more you try to speak Italian and engage in real-life conversations, the more you’ll interiorize these nuances without needing an explanation.

But if you’re having a hard time figuring out how to say something, keep checking this blog! See you soon! 🙂

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FAQs on Translate “nice to meet you” to Italian | Italian words

Is piacere Mio formal?

Piacere mio is used as an informal answer when someone tells you " Nice to meet you" in Italian.

What's the right Italian phrase in a formal situation to say nice to meet you?

If you want to say "nice to meet you" in Italian you can use either “piacere di conoscerti” (informal) or “piacere di conoscerla” (formal).

What are common greetings in Italian?

The standard verbal greeting in Italy is “Ciao” (hello). People may also say “Buongiorno” (good day) or “Buonasera” (good evening) to be more polite.

Italian word of the day
È una giornata lunga.
It’s a long day.
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