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What is the passive voice? Let’s look at an example of the Passive voice in Italian: A: Il cane ha mangiato la gallina. A: The dog eats the hen. And...
What is the conjugation of potere, volere, and dovere? As we saw in a previous lesson about the irregular future tense, we use the future tense to talk about something that will...
In Italian, we have different tenses for talking about the past. The most widely used is the passato prossimo, which can be used both as an equivalent of the English...
What does potere, volere and dovere express in Italian? There are some verbs that are special in Italian because they can be followed by other verbs. This is the case...
What are potere, dovere, and volere in Italian? The verbs potere (can or to be able to), dovere (must or to have to), and volere (to want) are modal verbs. Modal verbs...
Italian tenses are an essential part of learning the Italian language. They are used to indicate the time and duration of an action or event. Mastering the Italian tenses is...
Unlock the secrets of Italian verb conjugation and enhance your fluency with engaging exercises. Master the art of verbs and speak with confidence! Italian Verb Conjugation Basics To master Italian...
Introduction to Subjunctive Mood in Italian The Subjunctive Mood is an important part of Italian grammar that expresses uncertainty and unreality. It is used to show necessity, possibility and emotions....

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