Why Italians call Friends Fratello and Sorella?: Italian Slang


Key Takeaways

Dive into the heart of Italian friendship with our guide! Learn the coolest slang terms like “fratello” and how to bond with your Italian pals like a true local. 🇮🇹🤝

  • Embrace ‘Fratello’: Throw around fratello when chatting with your male friends. It’s the Italian ‘bro’ and screams loyalty and brotherhood. 🤜🤛
  • ‘Amico del cuore’: Want to show deep affection? Say amico del cuore. It’s like calling someone a BFF in Italian style. ❤️
  • Adventurous Bonding: Got a friend who’s your partner in crime? Compagno di avventura is your go-to term for that ride-or-die pal. 🚴‍♂️💨
  • ‘Sorella’ for the Ladies: Don’t leave your female friends hanging! Sorella is your casual, affectionate term for the girls in your squad. 👭
  • Casual Greetings: Kick off conversations with a breezy “Ciao!” or “Salve!” to keep things chill and friendly. 😎
  • Neutral Friendships: Just friends? Amico is your neutral, go-to word for “friend” without the extra feels. 👋
  • Show Camaraderie: For that buddy who’s always got your back, upgrade them to compagno. It’s like calling someone your “mate” with Italian flair. 🍻
  • Deep Connections: When a friend is more like family, fratello is the ultimate term to show that unbreakable bond. 👊
  • Learn by Listening: Ready to sound like a native? Check out an Italian audio course and mimic away to perfection. 🎧📚

Quick facts

What does "fratello" signify in Italian slang?

"Fratello" means "brother" and symbolizes loyalty and support.

How does "amico del cuore" emphasize friendship?

"Amico del cuore" translates to "friend of the heart," highlighting emotional connection and genuine affection.

What imagery does "compagno di avventura" evoke?

"Compagno di avventura" means "adventure companion," portraying friendship as an exciting shared journey.

How can using slang strengthen Italian friendships?

Slang like "fratello" and "sorella" conveys familiarity, deepening bonds with Italian friends.

How do you casually greet a friend in Italian?

Use "Ciao!" or "Salve!" for a friendly, casual greeting.

What's a neutral term for a friend in Italian?

"Amico" is a neutral term meaning "friend."

What does "compagno" convey in Italian friendships?

"Compagno" means "buddy" or "mate," signifying strong camaraderie.

When should you use "fratello" with a friend?

Use "fratello" to express deep friendship, symbolizing loyalty and brotherhood.

How do Italians express female friendship colloquially?

"Sorella" (sister) refers to close female friends, showing affection and trust.

Why learn Italian slang for friendship?

Understanding and using slang helps integrate into Italian culture and strengthens personal connections.

My Thoughts

Do you want to impress an Italian? Use the slang term “fratello” for friend! With this guide, you can learn how to sound like a local.

Slang terms for friendship in Italian

In Italian, there are several slang terms to express the concept of friendship. These colloquial phrases demonstrate the closeness between individuals. Here are three common slang terms for friendship in Italian:

  1. ‘Fratello’: Derived from the word ‘fratello’, meaning ‘brother’, this term symbolizes loyalty and support similar to a brotherly bond.
  2. ‘Amico del cuore’: Translating to ‘friend of the heart’, this phrase emphasizes the emotional connection and affection in a genuine friendship.
  3. ‘Compagno di avventura’: Meaning ‘adventure companion’, this expression portrays friendship as a shared journey of excitement and exploration.

These slang terms show the diverse ways Italians express their affinity for their friends. They emphasize emotional bonds, loyalty, and shared experiences in fostering true friendships.

To dive into Italian language and culture, it is essential to not only learn formal expressions but also understand how Italians refer to their friends with slang. By using these colloquial phrases, you can strengthen your connections with Italians.

Italian terms like ‘bro’ and ‘sis

  • Fratello: A casual, friendly way of addressing a male friend in Italian slang.
  • Sorella: A term for ‘sister’ used to refer to female friends or those close to you.

Let’s see some examples:

Italian: “Ciao, fratello! Come stai oggi?”

English: “Hey, bro! How are you today?”

Italian: “Sorella, sei la mia migliore amica.”

English: “Sis, you’re my best friend.”

Italian: “Io e mio fratello siamo molto uniti.”

English: “My brother and I are very close.”

Italian: “Sorella, non so cosa farei senza di te.”

English: “Sister, I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Italian: “I ragazzi sono come fratelli per me.”

English: “Guys are like brothers to me.”

Italian: “Abbiamo attraversato così tante cose insieme, siamo come fratelli e sorelle.”

English: “We’ve been through so much together, we’re like brothers and sisters.”

Italian: “Ciao, sorellina! Ti presento il mio amico, Marco.”

English: “Hello, little sis! Let me introduce you to my friend, Marco.”

Italian: “Fratello, hai bisogno di aiuto con i compiti?”

English: “Bro, do you need help with your homework?”

Italian: “Sorella, mi manchi molto quando sei lontana.”

English: “Sis, I miss you a lot when you’re away.”

Italian: “Siamo come fratelli e sorelle, non c’è segreto che non possiamo condividere.”

English: “We’re like brothers and sisters, there’s no secret we can’t share.”

How to talk to your friends in Italian?

Choose the right formality for the relationship and remember slang terms can help convey familiarity and strengthen bonds.

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To express closeness, you can choose a couple of ways to greet your male friend.

1. Begin with a friendly greeting. “Ciao!” or “Salve!” are casual and common.
2. To refer to a friend neutrally, use “amico”, which means “friend”.
3. To show camaraderie, use “compagno”. This conveys a strong bond and means “buddy” or “mate”.
4. For an even deeper friendship, use “fratello”. This symbolizes loyalty and brotherhood.


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