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How it Works

Proven Reliability

Used daily by over 600 academic institutions, this patented AI system has proven valid and reliable since 1992.

Immediate Results

Unlike any other language assessment on the planet, all our assessments are fully-automated and provide instant results. Yes, you get results right away!

Accurate Analytics

Our assessments are calibrated to deliver accurate results and correlate to the main global language standards.

Suited to your level

The system matches the difficulty of questions to your ability in real time, getting harder or easier following your answers.

More accurate results, less stress

Assessments are more accurate with fewer questions and you feel more comfortable. You will not be bored by easy questions or stressed out by excessively hard ones. You always take a test that is challenging but not overwhelming.

Designed for communication

Your speaking ability is assessed through elicited imitation. That means that you're prompted to listen and repeat. It measures how effectively your brain can process language.

What's in it


This oral exam is composed of two sections.

  1. You repeat sentences after the speaker. Each sentence is said once. You may not repeat, skip, or go back.
  2. You answer open-ended questions displayed on the screen, like “what’s your favorite place?”


Right after you finish the test, you’ll see the results, including:

  • Test score (0 to 10)
  • Proficiency level (A1 to C2)
  • Test questions and answers
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Downloadable PDF certificate with your name and results
Example of test results
italian placement test result
italian speaking test

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"I had expected the speaking test to be weird, but I was pleasantly surprised. The repetition part actually makes sense."
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Nick Todd

Speaking Test

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  • Instant results
  • Done in 15 minutes
  • All devices
  • All levels

You might be thinking...

No, this test is fully automated.

Your answers will be recorded and assessed by the system.

No human other than you is involved.

You’ll see the results right after you finish the test. No need to wait!

Yes, right after the test is over, you’ll be able to see and download a certificate with your name and results.

No, this test is created by a 3rd-party provider. Its questions are not related to my courses.

You may take the test once per purchase.

Please take the test within 7 days of purchase.

I do have a guarantee on my services, but this test is not provided by me and I’m charged for every test taken. Thus, I can’t issue refunds on tests.

  • A stable internet connection
  • An updated internet browser. Most combinations of browsers and devices are supported as shown in the table below. Just in case, here is a list of compatible browsers and devices.
  • A quiet environment with little or no background noise
  • A headset with a built-in microphone (optional)

supported browsers

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