Italian grammar quiz: intermediate level (B1) 76-90

Key Takeaways

Ready to level up your Italian? Dive into our free online Italian test tailored for the intermediate (B1) level and discover how to sharpen your language skills with instant feedback and a sweet discount on courses!

  • Quick Assessment: Got 5-10 minutes? That’s all it takes to tackle 30 questions and gauge your Italian prowess. 🕒
  • Clear Choices: Each question offers 4 possible answers, but only one will crown you the Italian maestro. Choose wisely! 🤔
  • Targeted Level: Aimed at A2 (lower-intermediate) learners, this test is your stepping stone to reaching the coveted B1 status. 🎯
  • Instant Gratification: No waiting around—get your results pronto, along with the correct answers to review. 🏆
  • Sweet Savings: Finish the test and snag a discount coupon for our courses. Your wallet will thank you! 💸
  • Why Bother: Because knowing your Italian level is crucial, and who doesn’t love a good challenge? Plus, it’s free! 🎉
  • Feedback Frenzy: Learn exactly what grammar and vocab need your attention. It’s like a personal Italian trainer, minus the sweat! 💪
  • Resource Riches: Alongside your results, discover a treasure trove of learning materials to boost your Italian journey. 📚

Quick facts

How long does it take to complete the Italian test?

The test takes 5-10 minutes to complete, making it a quick tool to gauge your Italian proficiency.

How many questions are on the Italian test?

The test consists of 30 questions, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of your Italian knowledge.

How many answer options are provided for each question?

Each question offers 4 options, challenging your ability to discern the correct answer from plausible alternatives.

What is the format of the test answers?

The test has one correct answer per question, requiring precision and confidence in your Italian skills.

What level of Italian does this test assess?

This test is designed for A2 (lower-intermediate) level, suitable for learners who have a basic understanding of Italian.

How are results provided after the test?

Results are instant, including correct answers, allowing for immediate feedback and learning.

Is there any incentive for completing the test?

Upon completion, a discount coupon is provided, encouraging further learning through discounted online courses.

What can you learn from taking this Italian test?

The test helps identify areas for improvement in Italian grammar and vocabulary, guiding your future studies.

How does the test help with learning resources?

Recommendations on learning resources are given, along with a 50% discount on the first month of online courses.

What does the intermediate level (B1) entail?

B1 level includes understanding familiar topics, handling travel-related situations, and producing simple connected text about personal interests and experiences.

My Thoughts

How to take the test

  • 5-10 minutes to answer 30 questions
  • 4 options for each question
  • 1 correct answer for each question
  • For level A2 (lower-intermediate)
  • Instant results together with the correct answers at the end
  • Discount coupon shown upon completion

Italian grammar quiz, intermediate level 76-90

This test is made up of 30 questions and covers 15 lessons (76-90) of the Italian audio course "Ripeti con me!", 2 questions per lesson.

Why an Italian test for intermediate level

How good is your Italian?

Find your level now with this free online Italian test for intermediate level!

Get instant results and feedback about which Italian grammar and vocabulary you need to improve.

You’ll also find recommendations on learning resources, together with a 50% discount on the first month of access to my online courses.

Take it now!

Intermediate level (B1)

  • Can understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure, etc.
  • Can deal with most situations likely to arise while traveling in an area where Italian is spoken.
  • Can produce simple connected text on topics that are familiar or of personal interest.
  • Can describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes, and ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.

Test your knowledge in 10 quick questions


What grammar is required for intermediate level Italian test?

This quiz covers a range of Italian grammar topics including verb tenses (present, past, future), pronouns (personal, reflexive, indirect), adjectives (agreement, comparison), prepositions, conjunctions, and more.

Can I take this quiz if I am not at the intermediate level yet?

It's recommended to take the quiz if you are at the intermediate level of Italian proficiency. However, if you want to challenge yourself, you can take the quiz to see where you stand and to identify areas that you need to work on to reach the intermediate level.

Italian word of the day
Non capivo più niente dal sonno.
I was so tired that I couldn’t think.
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