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How to use “con”: Italian grammar lesson 72

To practice this grammar topic, take Lesson 72 of Ripeti Con Me!
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CON in Italian

The Italian word con is extremely common, and I am sure you heard it countless times if you’re studying Italian, or even if you just hang out with Italian people!

Ieri sera sono andata a cena con Mariangela.

Last night I went out for dinner with Mariangela.

Con che macchina siete andati?

What car did you go with?

Con is a preposition, which means it is used to clarify the relationship between different parts of a sentence.

If you want to know how to say “with” in Italian, here you are!

Con can often be translated as “with” and in this lesson, we will learn how to use it correctly in different contexts.

CON as company and connection

con with italian

The Italian preposition con can be used with different functions. One of the main ones is to talk about company (being with someone) or connection/relationship (having something to do with someone).

In this case, the preposition is usually translated as “with”.

Siamo andati al cinema con Gianluca.

We went to the cinema with Gianluca.

Ho un appuntamento con l’avvocato.

I have an appointment with the lawyer.

Luigi si è sposato con una ragazza Colombiana.

Luigi got married to a Colombian girl.

CON as means and mode

con as means italian

Another way you can use con is to talk about the means by which you do something, or how you do it.

Have a look at the examples below!


Ho fatto un succo di more con il frullatore.

I made a blackberry juice with the blender.

L’abbiamo tagliato con il coltello.

We cut it with the knife.


Ha lavorato con impegno.

He worked with committment.

L’ho fatto con piacere.

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I did it with pleasure.

CON as reason / cause and with time

prepositions italian

Sometimes, the preposition con can be used to describe the reason why something is happening or its cause.

Let’s see some examples of this:

Con questa pioggia sarà impossibile arrivare.

With this rain it will be impossible to get there.

Con il suo aiuto siamo riusciti a finire il progetto in tempo.

With his help, we managed to finish the project on time.

Con can also be used to express time, such as:

Con la primavera sono arrivate le rondini.

The swallows arrived with the spring.

Con i primi freddi le strade si sono congelate.

With the first cold the streets froze.

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