How to Translate Good Evening to Italian?

Key Takeaways

Learn how to translate and use “good evening” in Italian, including pronunciation, variations, and polite responses.

  • The correct translation for “good evening” in Italian is buonasera, pronounced “bwo-nah say-rah“.
  • Use buonasera for greetings and buona serata when parting ways.
  • To add emphasis, say “ti auguro una buona serata” (informal) or “le auguro una buona serata” (formal).
  • Respond to buonasera with “buonasera anche a te” (informal) or “buonasera anche a lei” (formal).
  • For phrases like “lovely evening“, use bella serata.

Quick facts

How do you say "good evening" in Italian?

"Good evening" in Italian is "buonasera," pronounced "bwo-nah say-rah."

Can "buonasera" be used in both formal and informal contexts?

Yes, "buonasera" is versatile and can be used in both formal and informal situations.

What's the formal way to ask about someone's well-being in the evening?

"Buonasera, signora Rossi. Come sta suo figlio?" translates to "Good evening, Mrs. Rossi. How is your son?"

How do Italians say "Have a nice evening" when parting ways?

Italians often say "buona serata" when parting ways to wish someone a nice evening.

Is "buona sera" ever used as two separate words?

No, "buonasera" is always written as one word when used as a greeting.

How do you say "What a lovely evening" in Italian?

"Ah, che bella serata!" translates to "Ah, what a lovely evening!"

What phrase do you use to wish someone a lovely evening?

Use "ti auguro una buona serata" to mean "I wish you a lovely evening."

How do you formally wish a single person a lovely evening?

In a formal context, say "le auguro una buona serata."

How do you respond to "buonasera" in Italian?

Respond with "Buonasera anche a te" or in formal situations, "Buonasera anche a lei."

What song can help you memorize "buonasera"?

Fred Buscaglione's song "Buonasera (signorina)" is a great way to memorize and pronounce "buonasera."

Audio images

Buonasera, Maria. Hai cenato?
Buonasera, dottore. Ha avuto una giornata impegnativa?
Puoi salutare in italiano con un semplice "buonasera".





Good evening.

Come è andata la tua giornata?

How was your day?

Hai fatto qualcosa di interessante oggi?

Did you do anything interesting today?

Spero tu abbia una serata piacevole.

I hope you have a pleasant evening.

Ci vediamo domani sera.

See you tomorrow evening.

My Thoughts

Buonasera, signorina, buonasera / Come è bello stare a Napoli e sognar…

Ever heard this song? It’s “Buonasera (signorina)” by Fred Buscaglione, and it is the perfect song to remember today’s topic: how do you translate “good evening” to Italian?

If you go to Italy, you’ll likely hear that a lot, anytime from 6 pm to the next morning. And you’ll also want to know how to reply politely.

So, as usual, here’s everything you need to know.

How to Say Good Evening in Italian?

As you may have guessed, the right phrase to wish someone a good evening in Italian is: buonasera.

It is pronounced “bwo-nah say-rah” and it can be used both in formal and informal situations.

Buonasera, signora Rossi. Come sta suo figlio?

Good evening, mrs. Rossi. How is your son?

Ehi Mario, buonasera! Dove stai andando?

Hey, good evening Mario! Where are you going?

Buonasera is used mostly when greeting someone, but it can be used even to say goodbye. However, when partying ways, most Italians prefer to use a slight variation: buona serata.

Ok, è ora di andare. Buona serata, ragazzi!

Ok, time to go. Have a nice evening, guys!

I see that some other blogs about learning Italian write Buona sera as 2 separate words (buona sera), but that is a misconception.

You see, if you take them as two separate words, “good” and “evening” can actually translate to buona and sera. However, nobody in Italy would say something like: “This is such a buona sera

Instead, people would rather use other synonims, like bella serata (lit. “beautiful evening“).

Ah, che bella serata!

Ah, what a lovely evening!

However, when you’re using it as a greeting, the only right ways to translate good evening to Italian are buonasera and buona serata.

“I wish you a lovely evening”

Sometimes you might want to add some more emphasis and say “good evening” with more than a greeting.

In that case, as usual, you can add the clause ti auguro…

You’ve already seen it in our posts about how to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Italian. It means “I wish you” and they must be used with the following variants:

  • ti auguro – when you’re speaking to a person you know well in an informal context
  • le auguro – when you’re speaking to a single person in a formal context
  • vi auguro – when you’re speaking to a group.

Also, since you are likely to say such a wish only when parting ways, it is preferrable to use buona serata instead of buonasera.

Long story short, the right way to say “I wish you a lovely evening” in Italian is: ti auguro una buona serata.

Buonasera, Maria. Hai cenato?

How do you respond to Buonasera?

When speaking about Italian greetings, it is also good to know how to respond to them.

So, how do you reply when someone tells you buonasera?

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Most of the time, you just need to add anche a te, which means “you too“.

So, the most common response is “Buonasera anche a te” – or “Buonasera anche a lei” in formal situations.

Buonasera, dottore. Ha avuto una giornata impegnativa?

See you Soon

So, let’s recap.

  1. The right ways to translate “good evening” to Italian are: buonasera and buona serata.
  2. If you want to add more emphasis, you can add “ti auguro” (or its formal variants) at the beginning of the sentence: “ti auguro una buona serata
  3. If you want to say things like “Nice/lovely evening“, you can use: bella serata.
  4. The right way to respond to buonasera is: “buonasera anche a te” (transl. “a nice evening to you too“)

If you want to memorize and learn how to pronounce buonasera, check Fred Buscaglione’s song –  and don’t forget to come back to learn new Italian words!

Buona serata, wherever you are! 🙂

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What are ways to say Good evening in Italian?

The right ways to translate "good evening" to Italian are: buonasera and buona serata.

How to respond to "Buona sera" in Italian?

You can say "buonasera anche a te" (transl. "a nice evening to you too").

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