Italian Riddles


Embark on a linguistic journey with Italy’s most intriguing brain teasers and tongue twisters! Sharpen your wit and pronunciation as you delve into the cultural depths of Italian puzzles and sayings. 🧠🇮🇹

  • Test Your Logic: Italian riddles aren’t just for fun—they’re a mental workout! Try solving the riddle of who killed a quarter of humanity. Hint: Think biblically with Caino (Cain).
  • Think Outside the Box: Riddles can be tricky with their wording. Remember, if a horse reaches the hay, maybe the rope isn’t tied to anything. Look for the simple solutions!
  • Question Assumptions: The Canada and Alaska riddle teaches us to challenge our initial thoughts. Alive people don’t need burials, so always read between the lines.
  • Focus on Details: Pay attention to the specifics. If nine cows die except for three, you still have three cows. It’s all in the details!
  • Use Your Imagination: For the Adam and Eve riddle, think creatively. They’re sure because the bodies lack navels—no belly buttons, no birth by traditional means!
  • Practice Pronunciation: Tongue twisters like Sopra la panca la capra campa are perfect for mastering Italian pronunciation. Repeat them and watch your skills grow!
  • Speed Up Slowly: Start slow with tongue twisters and gradually increase your speed. This will help you avoid getting tongue-tied and improve fluency.
  • Embrace the Challenge: Don’t be discouraged if you can’t get them right at first. Tongue twisters like Apelle, figlio di Apollo are tough, but they’re great for learning!
  • Have Fun: Remember, the goal is to enjoy the process. Laugh at the mistakes and keep trying. Language learning is a journey, not a race!

My thoughts

Unravel the charm of Italy through enigmatic words. Dive into the captivating world of Italian riddles that ignite mind and culture.

Italian Riddles

Let’s have a look at 5 Italian riddles. You’ll find the answers at the end.


Chi ha ucciso, da solo, un quarto dell’intera umanità?

Who, alone, killed a quarter of all humanity?


Una corda di cinque metri è attaccata a un cavallo. Il cavallo è distante 7 metri da una pila di fieno. Come fa il cavallo a raggiungere la paglia?

A five-meter rope is tied to a horse. The horse is 7 meters from a pile of hay. How can the horse reach the straw?


Perché chi vive in Canada non può essere sepolto in Alaska?

Why can’t those who live in Canada be buried in Alaska?


Un contadino ha 9 mucche. Muoiono tutte tranne 3. Quante ne rimangono vive?

A farmer has 9 cows. They all die except 3. How many are left alive?


Un gruppo di paleontologi sta facendo delle ricerche in Siberia. Durante gli scavi rinvengono, ibernati nel ghiaccio, i corpi di un uomo e una donna perfettamente conservati. Nei giorni successivi proseguendo l’analisi del rinvenimento si accorgono di aver fatto una scoperta straordinaria: hanno trovato Adamo ed Eva. Come mai sono così certi della scoperta?

A group of paleontologists is doing research in Siberia. During the excavations, the bodies of a perfectly preserved man and woman are found hibernating in the ice. In the following days, continuing the analysis of the discovery, they realized they had made an extraordinary discovery: they found Adam and Eve. Why are they so sure of discovery?

Here are the answers:

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La corda non è attaccata a niente, perciò il cavallo può facilmente raggiungere la paglia.

The rope isn’t tied to anything, so the horse can easily reach the straw.


Non è morto!

He’s not dead!




Non hanno l’ombelico.

They do not have a navel.

Italian Tongue Twisters

Please find below the most famous Italian tongue twisters with their translation. Make sure you read them out loud and practice them many times.

Sopra la panca la capra campa; sotto la panca la capra crepa.

Above the bench, the goat lives; beneath the bench, the goat dies.

Andiamo a navigar con nove navi nuove, ma una delle nove nuove navi non vuole navigar.

We go sailing with nine new ships, but one of the nine new ships doesn’t want to sail.

Trentatré trentini entrarono a Trento, tutti e trentatré trotterellando.

Thirty-three people from Trentino came to Trento, all thirty-three of them trotting.

Chi ama chiama chi ama. Chiamami tu che chi ami chiami. Chi amo chiamerò se tu non chiami.

Whoever loves calls who they love. You call me since you call who you love. I’ll call who I love if you don’t call me.

Sul tagliere l’aglio taglia, non tagliare la tovaglia. La tovaglia non i aglio, se la tagli fai uno sbaglio.

Cut the garlic on the cutting board, don’t cut the tablecloth. The tablecloth isn’t garlic, if you miss it you’ve messed up.

Apelle, figlio di Apollo, fece una palla di pelle di pollo e tutti i pesci vennero a galla, per vedere la palla di pelle di pollo fatta da Apelle, figlio di Apollo.

Apelle, son of Apollo, made a ball of chicken skin and all the fish rose to the surface to see the ball of chicken skin made by Apelle, son of Apollo.

Italian word of the day
Hai voglia di fare una passeggiata?
Do you feel like going for a walk?
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