How to use “in effetti”: Italian grammar lesson

Lesson 82

Key Takeaways

Learn how to use the Italian phrase in effetti to emphasize or confirm statements in conversations.

  • Usage: In effetti is used to emphasize or confirm a statement.
  • Synonyms: It is a synonym of infatti and effettivamente.
  • Translation: In English, it translates to actually or indeed.
  • Examples: “Mauro mi ha consigliato questo film e in effetti, è bellissimo!” translates to “Mauro recommended this movie, and it’s beautiful indeed!”
  • Dialogues: Practice using in effetti in conversations to sound more natural and fluent.

Quick facts

How can "in effetti" be used to confirm a suggestion?

"In effetti" emphasizes or confirms a statement made by someone, reinforcing the truth or accuracy of the claim.

What are two English translations of "in effetti"?

"In effetti" can be translated as "actually" or "indeed" in English, depending on the context.

How is "in effetti" similar to "infatti" and "effettivamente"?

"In effetti," "infatti," and "effettivamente" are synonyms, all used to confirm or emphasize a statement or suggestion.

Can "in effetti" be used to agree with someone's opinion?

Yes, "in effetti" can be used to agree with someone, confirming that their opinion or statement is correct.

How might "in effetti" be used in a positive context?

In a positive context, "in effetti" can highlight agreement or confirmation, like acknowledging a movie's quality: "In effetti, è bellissimo!"

How does "in effetti" function in a negative context?

In a negative context, "in effetti" confirms an unfavorable opinion, such as recognizing someone's unpleasantness: "In effetti, è proprio antipatico!"

Can "in effetti" validate a prior statement?

Yes, "in effetti" can validate a prior statement, confirming its accuracy, like verifying that a cafe is indeed closed.

How is "in effetti" used in a dialogue to show agreement?

In dialogue, "in effetti" shows agreement by reinforcing the other person's statement: "In effetti hai ragione" (Indeed, you're right).

Can "in effetti" express personal feelings?

Yes, "in effetti" can express personal feelings, as in admitting sadness: "No, in effetti, sono un po’ triste" (Actually, I'm a bit sad).

How can "in effetti" indicate dissatisfaction?

"In effetti" can indicate dissatisfaction by confirming negative emotions: "In effetti non sono contenta" (Indeed, I'm not happy).

Audio images

In effetti, hai fatto un ottimo lavoro!
In effetti, oggi fa molto freddo.
In effetti oggi fa molto caldo.




In effetti, hai ragione.

In fact, you are right.

In effetti, non ci avevo pensato.

Actually, I hadn't thought about it.

In effetti, è una buona idea.

Indeed, it is a good idea.

In effetti, la situazione è complicata.

In fact, the situation is complicated.

In effetti, non ho molto tempo.

Actually, I don't have much time.

My Thoughts

How to use in effetti?

We use it to emphasize a statement or confirm something that has just been suggested either by us or by someone else.

In effetti is a synonym of infatti and effettivamente.

In English, we could translate it as:

  • Actually
  • Indeed
In effetti, hai fatto un ottimo lavoro!

In effetti: examples

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Let’s have a look at some examples:

Mauro mi ha consigliato questo film e in effetti, è bellissimo!

Maura recommended this movie, and it’s beautiful indeed!

I miei mi hanno detto che lui non è gentile e in effetti è proprio antipatico!

My parents told me he’s not kind and he’s indeed very unpleasant!

Vi ho detto che il bar era chiuso e in effetti avevo ragione: il bar è chiuso.

I told you the cafe was closed, and I was actually right: the cafe was closed.

Now, let’s have a look at some dialogues so that you can see how to use in effetti when you’re talking with someone.

A: Lei sembra proprio simpatica.
B: In effetti hai ragione.

A: She seems very fun.
B: Indeed, you’re right.

A: Non stai bene, vero?
B: No, in effetti, sono un po’ triste.

A: You’re not well, right?
B: No, actually, I’m a bit sad.

A: Non sembri tanto contenta.
B: In effetti non sono contenta.

A: You don’t seem very happy.
B: Indeed, I’m not happy.

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What's the meaning of "in effetti"?

In English can be translated as actually or indeed.

Italian word of the day
Dalla crisi, molte aziende hanno chiuso.
Because of the financial crisis, many companies shut down.
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4 Responses

  1. Since I couldn’t edit my first reply, I just wanted to add that saying “I agree” (Sono d’accordo), or something like “Sure/Certainly” (Certo) and even ‘Yeah’ (informal, slang) sounds less stuffy. But, I realize we’re talking about the Italian use of in effetti.

    1. Ciao!

      You can also use in fact, actually or really but remember it all comes down to the context the sentence is in.

  2. As an aside, it might be noted Americans still use “indeed” but nowhere near as often. To Americans, it sounds a bit stuffy and formal, like something you might write into a speech. But, it appears that in effetti is used more frequently in Italian without sounding stuffy.

    1. Ciao!

      In this grammar note, we suggest translating in effetti as actually or indeed but remember it always depends on the context of the conversation. That is why, translating is not a fundamental part of our learning method. We prefer to teach you how to think in Italian so you don’t rely on trasnlation.

      If you have any other questions or doubts, please let us know.

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