Grammar Topics: Past tense

The Italian past tense can be a bit tricky since there are different ways to refer to the past in Italian: the passato prossimo (the Italian perfect perfect), the imperfetto (the Italian imperfect), the passato remoto (the Italian past simple), and the trapassato remoto (the Italian past perfect). Also, in Italian, we have regular past tenses and irregular past tenses, which makes things even more complicated.

But don’t worry, with our posts, you’ll understand better and you’ll be able to use the Italian past tense correctly. You’ll find verb conjugations, explanations, and examples about the past tense in Italian. Other than finding posts about the different past tenses, you’ll also find more specific posts like one about the past of volere, potere, and dovere. You’ll also read a post about the Italian irregular imperfect tense (imperfetto irregolare) and the Italian irregular past tense (passato prossimo). You’ll find a post about the differences between passato prossimo and imperfetto. You’ll read about adverbs of time that you can you when speaking about the past in Italian, like the Italian word “appena”, which means “just”.

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