The Italian “Perché” to say “why” and “Because”: Italian Grammar Lesson

Key Takeaways

Discover how to use the versatile Italian word perché to mean both “why” and “because,” and learn about the word per for giving reasons.

  • Use perché at the beginning of a sentence to ask why.
  • Use perché in responses to mean because, typically followed by a verb.
  • Employ per to give a reason, usually followed by a noun, pronoun, or verb in the base form.
  • Remember to include the written stress on the “e” in perché.
  • Another way to express a reason is by using giacché.

Quick facts

How does Italian simplify asking "why" and "because"?

Italian uses "perché" for both "why" and "because," simplifying conversations.

Why is the written stress important in "perché"?

The stress on the "e" differentiates "perché" from other words, ensuring clarity.

Can "perché" also start a sentence in Italian?

Yes, "perché" commonly starts questions, just like "why" in English.

How do you say "Why are you not coming tonight?" in Italian?

"Perché non vieni stasera?" directly translates to this question.

How do you express "because I have to study" using "perché"?

"Perché devo studiare" is the correct Italian phrase for this reason.

What is the Italian word used for giving reasons with nouns or pronouns?

"Per" is used, similar to "for" or "because of" in English.

How would you say "I'm here for you" in Italian?

The phrase "Sono qui per te" expresses this sentiment.

How do you express "I'm going to her house to talk to her" in Italian?

"Vado a casa sua per parlare con lei" captures this action.

What does "Sono a Venezia per lavoro" mean in English?

It translates to "I’m in Venice for work," indicating the purpose of the visit.

What alternative word can be used to express a reason in Italian?

"Giacché" is another term that can be used to explain reasons.

My Thoughts

“Perché” in Italian

The Italian word perché is used to say both “why” and “because”. By this I mean that in Italian we have only one word that is used for both circumstances.

This word in Italian can function as both a conjunction and an adverb, depending on its use in a sentence. When it is used in questions, it is an adverb, and when it is used in answers – and in general, in affirmative sentences – it is a conjunction:

-Perché togli i pomodori?
-Perché non mi piacciono.

-Why are you taking tomatoes away?
Because I do not like them.

Whether you are asking or answering a question, perché is the word you need. Let me now show you how to use it.

Perché piove, non posso uscire.

The Italian “Perché”

Why in Italian

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Just like in English, this question is placed at the beginning of the sentence. But be careful: make sure you don’t forget the written stress on the “e”.

Perché non vieni stasera?

Why are you not coming tonight?

Perché mi parli così?

Why are you speaking to me like that?

Because in Italian

And where you would use “because”, in Italian you use perché again.

-Perché non vieni stasera?
-Perché devo studiare.

-Why are you not coming tonight?
-Because I have to study.

-Perché mi parli così?
Perché sono arrabbiato.

-Why are you speaking to me like that?
-Because I’m angry.

As I mentioned before, when perché is used in affirmative sentences, it is grammatically classified as a conjunction. If you are familiar with Italian conjunctions already, you know that they are used to link sentences together, and this is the same thing that happens with perché.

Vado a Roma perché vado a trovare un amico.

I am going to Rome because I’m visiting a friend.

Test your knowledge in 10 quick questions


How do you use perché in Italian?

Perché is used both to ask and answer questions. It can be translated either as "why" or "because" in English.

What is the Italian word for because?

In Italian to say "because" we use the word perché.

How do you say because of in Italian?

Because of in Italian can be translated with the words "per via di" or "a causa di."

Italian word of the day
Non capivo più niente dal sonno.
I was so tired that I couldn’t think.
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