Advanced news in slow Italian

Advanced news in slow Italian guaranteed to improve your Italian skills

Advanced news in slow Italian​ with slow audio, Italian transcript, and English translation to improve your listening and reading skills.

Beginner news in slow Italian

Intermediate news in slow Italian

Improve your skills while learning about daily life in Italy with advanced news in slow Italian

Learning a language is a multisensory experience (sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch).

You learn a language not just by looking at it, but also by hearing it—and, one day, by smelling, tasting, and feeling it.

If you want to inprove your Italian language skills without having to read any more textbooks, I have the solution for you: advanced news in slow Italian.

News in slow Italian is a great approach to improve your Italian quickly.

You can listen to them whenever and wherever you want—in your office or on the go. What better way to spend the time on a long commute than by immersing yourself in interesting Italian daily news?

News in slow Italian for advanced can help you quickly enhance your language skills with a little dedication. One benefit is that each post includes transcripts (a written form of the audio) and translations. This means you can listen and read at the same time, or check-up if one part confuses you.

How to use them:

  • Listen as white noise first;

  • Listen one more time, but now pay close attention;

  • Read the transcript and the translation if you neet it;

  • Repeat words and sentences out loud;

  • Lastly, pick up new vocabulary and grammar from the news.

If you follow these suggestions, I guarantee that your Italian skills will skyrocket, and you will gain a deeper knowledge of the country, culture, ideals, and beliefs.

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