News in Slow Italian to Learn Fast

Simple, entertaining news for beginners and intermediate speakers with slow audio, Italian transcript, and English translation to help you improve your listening and reading skills.

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Latest News in Slow Italian

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What's in a Reading?

Slow Audio

Every Italian text is read by a native speaker at a slow but natural pace to catch every word.

Italian Transcript

There's an Italian transcript to read along if you need a visual aid.

English Translation

No need to look up new words with the complete English translation!

Is it for me?

This podcast is for you if...

You enjoy learning something new

There’s a whole treasure trove of interesting and challenging material to get you to practice listening and reading.

You want to start thinking in Italian like a natural

Repeat what you hear and resist the temptation to look at the translation right away. I’m confident you’ll be thinking in Italian in a couple of days.

You want to make the most of your time

Listen to the material while commuting or exercising. You can do it anywhere!

You have time to practice a little every day

Being consistent is key!

This podcast is NOT for you if...

You’ll just listen passively and not properly

To make true progress, you have to speak and not just listen and read.

You’re too busy to practice daily

Many casual learners fail because they skip classes. Try to find an extra 5-10 minutes per day to listen to a story.

News in slow Italian to practice reading and listening

Listen to original News in slow Italian read by a native speaker at a slow pace!

A challenging way to...

The ideal podcast for beginners to intermediate Italian speakers

best italian short stories

How to Learn Italian with these Readings

Learn in 4 Steps

Here’s a simple plan to learn effectively with these readings.

To get the most out of your short story, piece of news, or conversation, I suggest this 4-step approach.

1. Skim

Read the story for the gist, not the details. The first time, focus on trying to understand the main ideas of the story: the characters, the major plot developments, and the setting.

2. Scan

Take your time to read it again carefully. Look up unknown words, phrases, or grammatical constructions that are unfamiliar to you. Write them down in a notebook or on flashcards to help you memorize them.

3. Look up

Look at the translation to read the story one more time. This way, you understand the text fully and have access to the translations and explanations.

4. Sum up

For further practice, I recommend writing a summary of the story. This way, you'll have a more complete understanding of it and make new vocabulary and grammar topics easier to memorize.

learning italian with audio and reading

There's no need to...

Catch every word

Listening is more difficult than reading. Don't be anxious to catch every single word right away. Don't stop the audio!

Look up every word

When you stop to look up words, you lose the flow. First, try to rely on the Italian version.

Beginners and intermediate speakers could immensely benefit from listening to this free news in slow Italian.

In the news for language learning, you’re exposed to words that you wouldn’t find in apps or textbooks.

However, the media (radio, TV, weekly podcasts) don’t speak slow enough. Just try watching a TV news program.

Their speech rates are too fast, even for intermediate speakers. Their Italian grammar is advanced and their vocabulary is unusual.

That’s not the best way to practice Italian listening for beginners.

What you need is to watch or listen to the news in Italian for beginners read at a slow pace. In other words, slow news in Italian.

This way, Italian listening practice online becomes productive.

This material is excellent as comprehensible input for the Italian language.

For spaced repetition, read the same news again after a night of sleep.

Easy Italian news for language learning is the best way to practice listening and reading.

An online radio news broadcast doesn’t come with a transcript and a translation. Its contents are usually advanced. And it’s not slow enough.

An app on your phone can be distracting. Books are boring. In fact, you don’t need an app.

You can download these files with easy news in Italian for beginners and listen to a slow news program as you would do with an app or a podcast, without distractions from your phone.

I personally adapted this easy Italian news for beginners from Italian media like radio so that you can still have an app-like experience on this page at accessible speech rates.

Bookmark this page of free slow Italian news for beginners for your weekly practice with slow news in Italian.

easy italian news

News podcasts to gain insight into the Italian culture

Italian news with slow audio is not only useful for language learning, but also entertaining.

Podcasts with easy Italian news for beginners are also an entertaining way to know about the culture and see what happens in Italy. Slow news in Italian is a chance to see the world!

The free, easy Italian news for beginners on this page is spoken slowly, 100% free to listen and download, and is updated on a weekly basis.

You can download the audio with slow news in Italian and listen to it at any time.

Italian news for learners: an invaluable language learning resource for learners of all levels.

Play this easy news in Italian while driving as you would do with the radio, a podcast, an app, or other kinds of media.

They’re more challenging and interesting than Italian grammar exercises!

news in slow italian app

Italian news in levels

News in slow Italian is a collection of articles to improve your language skills naturally and fast with original materials.

In our short news, we use words that are used in Italian often.

Easy Italian news can help everybody who wants to understand better.

I have been teaching Italian for many years. After many years of teaching, I started to do a new thing.

I knew that many students wanted to read the news on the internet. They wanted to read something easy. We were looking for short news in easy Italian on the internet.

We found many news sites but we did not find a lot of news with easy reading and listening.

News in slow Italian, free

Since these easy Italian news for beginners are kept short and simple, you can use these free slow Italian news for beginners to squeeze a lot of learning into a relatively small span of time.

Easy news in Italian aside, reading short stories is a great way to get quick doses of practice for language learning.

They’re much more fun than Italian grammar exercises!

Download these podcasts with free, easy Italian news for beginners and program your mind to think and speak in Italian.

Short, simple news in slow Italian offers exposure to simple, natural sentence structure and accessible speech rates.

Simple Italian news for beginners is great for beginners and intermediate speakers who want to maintain their competency and do some Italian listening practice online.

These resources add up to any Italian grammar course that you may be taking.

News in slow Italian review: it’s great, but this is available for free!

news in slow italian review

News in slow Italian review

Still browsing the internet for a review of news in slow Italian?

Weekly news in slow Italian is an excellent language learning resource. It’s helpful for anyone who wants to learn Italian.

News in Slow Italian is a brilliant learning resource that offers students of all levels a great opportunity to improve their Italian.

The lessons are very thorough, containing a lot of information with plenty of explanations and cultural details.

You don’t even need explanations about Italian grammar if you can take these texts as examples.

News in slow Italian review: excellent!

News in slow Italian review

A comprehensive program

This is a comprehensive program that teaches Italian grammar, vocabulary, and conversation in the form of short stories.

In each light-hearted language learning podcast, you listen to a piece of news

Vocabulary and grammar exercises, online quizzes, and flashcards are not included to focus on listening and mimicking the text.

Indeed, it is by actively repeating what you hear and see that you improve your speaking skills and acquire vocabulary and grammar patterns naturally.

If the audio is too fast for you, don’t worry. You can always adjust the playback speed to suit your listening skills.

News in slow Italian cost

What’s the cost of news in slow Italian for language learning?

Unlike other websites that ask for a paid subscription, all the material on this page is 100% free.

Yes! You can browse all the content free of charge.

Considering the monthly cost of similar services, it’s a great saving!

News in slow Italian cost: 0.00$!

News in slow Italian cost

What’s new?

We’re all curious about the latest events in Italy and the rest of the world.

That’s why reading the news in Italian is an excellent idea to keep your motivation and interest alive.

However, the news is typically written in a sophisticated language that makes it difficult for beginners.

In this collection, the news is simplified down to different levels, from beginner to intermediate and above.

So, there’s always something that suits your level.

Even if the news is not recent, it still makes an excellent material for study, because the content is always interesting and useful and the grammar and vocabulary used is always relevant.

Simple Italian news, spoken slowly

Check this catalog of simple Italian news for beginners regularly, one link a day. Use it as a language learning app or Italian podcast. There’s no need for a subscription.

However, if you subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll receive weekly updates with Italian news spoken slowly and much more.

Try making a habit of listening to slow news in Italian!

You may receive weekly news if you subscribe to my free newsletter.

It’s easier to keep motivation with interesting material than with boring Italian grammar exercises.

Learn Italian and about Italian culture through free slow Italian news for beginners from media for native speakers through common expressions in this free podcast with easy Italian news for beginners and slow audio.

Your listening comprehension will improve dramatically. You’ll see, it works!

You’ll be exposed to Italian grammar without even studying it.

News in slow Italian app: do you need it? It’s faster to visit this page every day!

News, grammar, expressions

easy italian news

Slow Italian podcast

Here’s a huge collection of news in easy Italian to learn Italian.

What’s more, this Italian news podcast if 100% free of charge.

Check this slow Italian podcast regularly, one link a day. In my newsletter, you’ll receive weekly updates with slow Italian podcasts and much more.

Listening to slow Italian podcasts every day will improve your listening comprehension.

slow news in italian

Slow news in Italian for beginners

News in slow Italian is an excellent resource for beginners to learn Italian.

In particular, to improve listening comprehension.

Learn about Italian culture through slow Italian radio for beginners from media for native speakers through common idiomatic expressions in this free slow Italian radio with news in easy Italian.

What’s the cost of listening to the news in slow Italian? Nothing, this simple Italian news is free! No subscription needed for these Italian news articles for beginners.

Start your Italian listening practice online today with this Italian podcast!

news in italian for beginners

This collection of news in slow Italian is part of the plan “Leggi con me!“, which also includes Italian short stories, Italian short stories for beginners, and Italian conversations.

Your Italian Language Coach

Ciao! My name is Stefano. I am an Italian tutor and course author.

As a serial language learner, I’ve lectured in polyglot clubs about my method.

After learning 12 languages, I can tell you that we all master languages by listening and mimicking.

With my method, you’ll be speaking Italian from Lesson 1.

"Stefano is a fantastic educator. I recommend his lessons to all language lovers."
terry hsie
Thierry Hsieh
Founder - Polyglot Club (Taiwan)
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Stefano Lodola
Italian language tutor, translator, polyglot

"Stefano knows how languages are learned. His course is the best of the learning resources I've tried."
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Francesca Chen Ting
Chinese-Italian Translator  -

Rave Reviews by Learners and Experts

Frederica – UK


Ripeti con me! has been the best language learning experience I’ve had.  

I have always been really shy about speaking languages, and the fact that you are speaking from the very first day really builds your confidence, makes you much more fluent, in terms of how you’re thinking in the language.

It’s been a real change for me. I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Takehiro – Japan


I have been taking lessons with Stefano for a year and a half. Stefano is an excellent teacher. Thanks to him, my Italian has improved dramatically.

Stefano understands all aspects of the Italian language. He has a lot of experience, not only in teaching Italian but also in language learning. This makes him an ideal teacher.

I highly recommend him!

Anthony – UK


Stefano’s course has proven very effective in helping me develop my Italian, which is why I’ve been sticking with it for so long now.

And I’m very cautious as to which platform I use to help me learn, so this is worth every single penny.

Emily – USA


It is a system that is easy, brilliant—so easy that only somebody that really really understood teaching languages could come up with.

Every lesson builds on what came before it and you’re learning the language without even giving it a second thought.

I was able to converse naturally when we went to Italy. The words just flowed, I was no longer translating in my head.

I’ve come so much further than with Babbel or Duolingo. None of the silly games, no fill-in-the-blanks, no homework, no exercises to do — all the things that I felt like I was wasting time with.

I highly recommend it and I know if you try it it will work for you too.

Vivinne – USA


Ripeti Con Me has really helped with my language learning, with my speaking, which is what I’m mostly interested in.

I noticed within about 3 to 4 days of starting that my speaking ability took a jump as well as my listening comprehension.

James – Ireland


This course is brilliant.

I encourage anyone who takes on the course to go through those three different repetitions because they really do actually work.

As a complete beginner to Italian, I’ve found it a very stress-free and easy way to get into the language without any of the nervousness and anxiety that comes with face-to-face learning and being put on the spot.

I really recommend the course to anyone out there wanting to learn Italian.”

Jim – USA


I really like learning Italian on Think in Italian.

It’s a no-nonsense method that appeals to me – no time wasted doing exercises or playing games.

[Its sentences] are well thought out and they can be adapted to real conversation pretty easily.

No memorization either. It’s right to the point.

"Stefano is a fantastic educator. I recommend his lessons to all language lovers."
terry hsie
Thierry Hsieh
Founder - Polyglot Club (Taiwan)
"This course teaches the language intuitively. It can definitely help you improve your Italian."
nick dalhoff
Nick Dahlhoff
Founder - All Language Resources