The Wonderful Flowers of Italy


Key Takeaways

Embark on a floral journey through Italy! Discover the emblematic blooms of Florence, the patriotic strawberry tree, and the vibrant traditions of the Infiorata. From the lentil fields of Castelluccio to the sunflower seas of Maremma, Italy’s flowers await.

  • Florence’s Emblem: Don’t get it twisted! Florence rocks the iris, not a lily, as its emblem. This medieval symbol of purity is a must-see, especially at the Giardino dell’Iris. 🌸
  • National Plant: Italy’s got style with its national plant, the corbezzolo (strawberry tree). Those red berries, white flowers, and green leaves? Chef’s kiss to the Italian flag! 🇮🇹
  • Infiorata Festivals: Plan your trip around late May or early June to catch the stunning flower carpets of the Infiorata. Cities like Noto and Spello will blow your mind with petal artistry. 🌹
  • Lentil Blooms: Yes, lentils can be a looker! Hit up Umbria in late June for a color explosion in the lentil fields of Castelluccio. Nature’s own patchwork quilt. 🌼
  • Apple Blossoms: Fancy a fruity fiesta? The apple trees in Val di Non put on a spring show that’s pure magic. And hey, who can resist a good apple strudel? 🍏
  • Sunflower Spectacle: Sunflower lovers, unite! The fields of Maremma during summer are a yellow dream. But be quick – these sunny faces don’t stick around for long. 🌻

Quick facts

What flower represents the city of Florence?

Florence's emblem is the iris, symbolizing purity and beauty, despite being referred to as a lily.

What is Italy's national plant?

Italy's national plant is the strawberry tree, la pianta di corbezzolo, with colors reflecting the Italian flag: green leaves, white flowers, and red berries.

What is Infiorata and when does it occur?

Infiorata is a festival featuring intricate flower carpets, held around Corpus Domini in late May to early June.

Where can you see breathtaking lentil fields in Italy?

The lentil fields of Castelluccio di Norcia in Umbria, near the Sibillini Mountains, offer a stunning floral display.

When is the apple blossom festival in Val di Non?

The Fiorinda festival in Val di Non, celebrating blooming apple trees, takes place around the third week of April.

What should you not miss when visiting Florence in spring?

Visit the Giardino dell'Iris at the end of April or beginning of May to see a wide variety of irises.

What makes the sunflower fields in Maremma special?

The sunflower fields in Maremma, especially towards Castiglione Della Pescaia, offer picturesque views perfect for photography.

How do artists contribute to Infiorata?

Artists use around 500,000 flower blossoms, petals, seeds, and other natural materials to create detailed floral carpets.

How did the 2016 earthquake affect Norcia's lentil fields?

A 6.6 magnitude earthquake in 2016 caused extensive damage, but the lentil fields reopened by June 2017.

What are some typical Italian flowers?

Italian flora includes chrysanthemums, orchids, mimosas, daisies, and geraniums, each contributing to the country's vibrant natural beauty.

My Thoughts

Flowers in Italy

The Italian city of Florence uses a flower as its emblem, while other cities celebrate a vacation with decorated streets and a picture display of flowers.

With the lentil fields of the valley below the Sibillini Mountains, you will always have a breathtaking sight in front of you.

The National Flower of Italy

Is it the white lily with the symbolic meaning of purity and exquisite beauty? Or is it the rose, symbolizing love and passion?

In the seventeenth century, during the Italian unification, also known as the Risorgimento, the symbol of Italy was replaced by la pianta di corbezzolo.

The ode “Arbutus Unedo” was written by the poet Giovanni Pascoli, who asked to discover the strawberry tree as a symbol of Italian unification.

La pianta di corbezzolo is now the national plant of Italy.

The strawberry tree is the perfect fit with its patriotic colors: green leaves, white flowers, and red berries reminiscent of the Italian flag.

Firenze: la città gigliata

Firenze, also called the lily city, “la città gigliata“, uses the lily as its emblem.

The colors are a white background with a red flower.

Although the name lily is used, the flower is an iris, which in the Middle Ages was considered a symbol of purity.

Il Giglio has symbolized the city for over 1,000 years.

Italians also use it as a symbol for many cultural and sporting associations.

For example, on the Fiorentina team’s uniform, you can see the lily with pride.

If you visit Florence at the end of April, beginning of May, do not forget to visit the “Giardino dell’Iris“.

This garden was created in 1954 and is home to many different varieties of iris.

Even Dante’s Inferno mentions the iris, which is where the Great Bearded Iris comes from and is just one of many you’ll find in this huge flower garden.

Infiorata, the flower carpets of Itay

Infiorata is held in all regions of Italy, where locals take great pride in recreating paintings, religious themes, flowers, and modern architecture using flowers and petals.

These flower carpets are usually laid in late May to early June around Corpus Domini, “Corpus Christi”, the feast 60 days after Easter.

The artists draw the designs on the ground with chalk, and each line is marked with soil and sometimes ground coffee. About 500,000 flower blossoms, petals, seeds, and sometimes sand and leaves are used for these flower carpets.

These very colorful flowers are collected months in advance and used in their artwork as whole flowers, dried but not powdered petals and leaves to create different textures and 3-D effects.

Because of the fine detail of these floral carpets, many locals plan a year in advance.

The most popular cities for this festival are Noto, Genzano, and Spello.

After the festival, these designs do not last long, as children may play on them and destroy the gorgeous floral images.

Lentils: how beautiful they are

On the last Sunday in June, it is time to go to Umbria to see the flowering of the lentil plants of Castelluccio di Norcia.

Are lentils beautiful? Yes, they are, when the lentil plant blooms.

The picturesque fields are made up of different varieties of lentils, poppies, daffodils, and violets.

The fields of different colored flowers ensure that the landscape has blocks of different hues.

Farmers use the valley in the Sibillini Mountains to grow these beautiful crops.

These natural landscapes transform the plain at the foot of Monte Vettore, the highest peak of the Sibillini Mountains, into a multi-colored painting and many artists travel there to paint this breathtaking place.

The natural development of the flower is determined by factors such as the amount of rainfall in the months before, the amount of sunshine and the sowing time.

Each variety of lentil flower has a different time to bloom.

On October 26, 2016, Norcia was devastated by a 6.6 magnitude earthquake that caused extensive damage to many historic buildings, but fortunately no fatalities.

The area was closed for less than a year. In June 2017, the plains slowly opened up again to enjoy the beauty once more.

You can not resist the blooming apple trees in Val di Non

An apple a day keeps the doctor away“, but the blossoming of the apple trees in the orchards of Val di Non, Trentino Alto Adige, northern Italy, makes the doctor run to them.

Fiorinda, the festival of the blossoming apples, la Festa dei Meli in fiore, in Mollaro Val di Non takes place around the 3rd week of April.

It is a spectacular sight with rows of cherry pink and white blossoms that look like a blanket of snow.

The delicate, sweet scent of apples is in the air, reminding you of spring with the lure of apples that come in autumn.

Locals host the Spring Festival with all the delicious dishes typical of the area. The best are those made with apples, such as strudel, apple tart “Torta di Mele“, and apple cider “Il vino di mele“, just to name a few.

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Did you know that another name for the festival is sagra? So if you are looking for apple events, you can also type in Sagra dei Meli.

Sunflowers of Italy is a must-see

Sunflowers and Italy are well known and another must-see. The Italian word for sunflower is “girasole.” If you drive down the roads with fields of sunflowers on either side, you will have a fantastic sight.

The growing season is in the summer months, but it ends quickly, and if you do not time your trip just right, you could miss this enchanting place.

These flowers enjoy the flat coastal soils with plenty of sun, and if you watch them, they will follow the light throughout the day.

The picturesque sunflower fields of Maremma are a sight to see as you make your way along the coast to Castiglione Della Pescaia.

These beautiful sunflower fields make people stop to take the infamous photo of themselves in the fields surrounded by colorful yellow sunflowers.

An Italian artist named Cesare Marchesini, who was born in Monza, is fascinated by these bright sunflowers and often paints them in his unique style of landscape painting.

Flowers of Italy from Sea to Mountains

We have seen some examples of Italian flowers, but in reality they are many and all different, with bright colors and elegant shapes.

Il crisantemo (chrysanthemum), l’ orchidea (orchyd), la mimosa, la margherita (daisy), il geranio (geranium) are just some of the typical Italian flowers.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The earth laughs in flowers”, then take a trip from the north to the south of Italy, from the mountains to the sea to see the countless “laughter” of the Bel Paese.

Test your knowledge in 10 quick questions

What is the flower of Rome?

The Italian flower of Rome is a lily, which represents purity and exquisite beauty.

What flowers are famous in Italy?

The rose is the floral symbol of Italy and represents beauty, love, passion, and romance.

What flowers bloom in Italy?

The blooming of Italian flowers such as tulips, irises, roses, lotus flowers, impatiens, narcissus, viburnum, and many others is particularly fascinating.

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  1. Italy is truly a floral paradise! The vibrant colors and enchanting fragrances of the flowers bring so much joy and beauty to the country. I can’t wait to witness the breathtaking infioratas and immerse myself in the wonders of Italy’s floral landscape.

  2. I have always loved how flowers are part of the Italian landscape! I can’t think of a place in Italy without flowers in it. 

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