How an intensive Italian course helps you learn Italian effortlessly

Do you need to learn Italian in the shortest possible time? With an intensive Italian course, you can do it with the best results. Forget playing with apps and getting lost in grammar rules!
intensive italian course

Learning a new language is doable!

Several common problems occur when learning a new language.

Firstly, you may get lost in the huge amount of grammar and theory behind the language.

Second, you may find problems memorizing new words.

Third, it could be difficult to think in the language, and you will be translating words and concepts from your mother tongue.

As a result, you easily get bored and give up after a few days or weeks of initial enthusiasm.

Don’t let these obstacles limit you. Learning a foreign language is doable at any age.

You can learn with an intensive Italian course: it only takes the right method.

Learn Italian on your own

Learning Italian on your own is doable, and you can get amazing results.

Anyway, it requires commitment. You can achieve excellent results and become fluent, but you need to find reliable resources and practice constantly.

Most of the time, you will be studying alone, so you have to keep the proper motivation and perhaps set up a schedule.

You can find many online resources to learn Italian on your own.

How to choose what works best for you?

Here are some bits of advice to avoid getting lost in the myriads of videos and exercises:

  • Find a good dictionary;
  • Choose a method (audio lessons, books, or a podcast) and stick to it;
  • Do grammar exercises.
  • Find a community forum for practicing what you’ve learn with other students.

Check out this article to know more about how to learn Italian on your own.

How to learn Italian with an intensive language course?

Taking free lessons or learning on your own are both valid ways of language learning. But there is one limitation, that is, it takes more time and effort to become fluent.

With intensive lessons, you can speed up your learning process. How?

In general, this kind of course offers your more resources and higher quality.

You will get access to better learning material, have the opportunity to speak with a qualified teacher, and be constantly monitored and followed.

Why should you take an intensive language course? Isn’t it stressful?

The answer is no: if you use the proper method, you will speak a new language from day one without getting lost in grammar and theory.

Prendete il libro e andate a pagina uno!

Open your book to page one!

For sure, taking an intensive language course seems one of the best options to learn Italian.

You will learn with the help of a teacher, ask questions, receive feedback, and be monitored through your whole learning process.

However, language courses require commitment and motivation: you need to stick to a schedule, exercise, and follow your teacher’s instructions.

But that’s all for good: you will speak Italian for real without getting lost in grammar rules and exercises.

An ideal Italian language course should provide engaging and interactive lessons that make you think in Italian.

How does an intensive Italian course work?

With an intensive Italian course, you will learn Italian effectively – which means, without getting lost in tons of grammar rules or theory books.

In general, these courses can be structured in one, long lesson each week or be more flexible (you can get access to the course whenever you want). It really depends on your preferences.

You can choose to do a four-hour lesson each week to get a full immersion in Italian culture, or you can split your learning process over more days.

The latter option allows you to study whenever you want, and that’s the best option if you have a tight working schedule or have trouble finding the proper time to learn.

There are a lot of Italian language courses that offer you this possibility. Most of the time, they give you access to audio lessons and short readings.

The audio material boosts your understanding of spoken Italian. You can adjust the speed according to your needs and repeat the words along with the speaker.

Repeating the same word in different contexts allows you to get used to that word without the effort of memorizing it.

You can listen to the audio whenever you have time and all the times you need. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

Are you curious about audio lessons? Learn more at this link!

Free Guide
How to Learn Languages Fast

In general, you will also get access to the Italian transcript. You can read it aloud to improve your pronunciation and understand better what you’ve listened to in the audio.

Read it all the times you need and practice your pronunciation and understanding of the Italian language.

What if you didn’t understand some sentences? Do you need to look for their meaning in a dictionary?

Don’t worry: in general, you can check out the English version of the text and skip the dictionary.

One of the advantages of this format is that you can bookmark each lesson to find it later and have it at hand.

Italian language courses based on this approach are fun, easy, and engaging.

All that you’ll study is based on real situations that you can experience in Italy.

You will be speaking along and mimicking the pronunciation of a native Italian speaker.

That’s an approach based on the speech shadowing technique and it is extremely useful to improve listening and speaking skills, pronunciation, and vocabulary.

Forget about theory, exercises, and grammar. The best way to learn Italian is to mimic a native speaker!

What will you learn with an intensive Italian course?

One of the advantages of these courses is that you will learn vocabulary by thinking in Italian: no need to translate in your head from your mother tongue!

Additionally, you will master the most useful sentences and words to travel and live in the country.

For example, you will learn how to:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Interact with locals
  • Order food
  • Ask for information
  • Check-in at hotels, airports, etc.
  • Express your opinion

Taking an intensive language course:

  • Constantly prompts you to speak
  • Helps you think in Italian
  • Improves your pronunciation
  • Helps memorize vocabulary
  • Master grammar by trial and error

Are you considering taking an intensive Italian course? Read more at this link. And if you want to try private lessons check this post about the prices of Italian language classes.

Still translating in your head? Wanna speak Italian for real? Check out Stefano's courses to think directly in Italian and become fluent fast!


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