Speak fluent Italian

How to speak Italian

In this post, we’re going to teach you to speak Italian in 6 easy ways.

We’ll also talk about how to improve your Italian pronunciation and how to speak Italian fluently.

We’ll also explain what comprehensible input is.

How to speak Italian in 6 easy ways

If you want to speak Italian and work on your pronunciation rather than on, let’s say, your reading skills, this is all you need:

  1. Take Italian lessons

It could be a group lesson or a one-to-one lesson with a native speaker. If there’s one thing that’s for sure is that you will need to practice speaking with other people if you want to improve your speaking skills. So make sure the course focuses on listening and speaking skills.

  1. Find a good app

Nowadays apps are very common and are getting better and better. You need to find one that you like and feel comfortable with. Also, make sure the app you choose focuses on pronunciation rather than grammar. Ideally, the app should also involve a community of speakers.

  1. Try Ripeti con me

When it comes to online courses and apps, the best option you can choose is Ripeti Con Me. It’s going to help you learn how to speak Italian in a short time and will give you access to real Italian.

  1. Find an Italian tutor

Even if you aren’t enrolled in classes or courses, having a tutor can help you learn Italian faster and better than studying on your own. One of the best platforms where you can find tutors is Italki.

  1. Immerse yourself into the Italian culture

Immersion is definitely one of the best methods. You will learn how to speak Italian in no time. Even though it may be hard at first, by being there and constantly listening to everyone speaking, you will eventually learn how to speak Italian.

  1. Use Italian media

Italian news, music, books, TV shows, and podcasts are great tools to learn to speak Italian. However, as a beginner, you may have a hard time finding one you can actually understand. Then what you can do is start a show in Italian and leave the English subtitles on.

How to speak italian 1

Learn about other ways to speak Italian.

How to improve your Italian pronunciation

In order to improve your Italian pronunciation, you have to know the rules of pronunciation pretty well and work on your listening skills. Then you can work on your speaking.

Here are some tips for you to improve your Italian pronunciation:

  • Read our pronunciation guide
  • Listen to Italian
  • Listen to our audio course
  • Spot the sounds that you find difficult
  • Exaggerate the sounds that you find difficult
  • Record yourself
  • Practice!

How to speak in Italian

Read about how to improve your Italian pronunciation in more detail.

How to speak Italian fluently

There are many ways to speak Italian fluently.

First of all, you need to be motivated.

Secondly, you have to have a lot of free time to study and practice Italian.

In fact, you need to practice on a day-to-day basis.

You should be organized and follow a personal study plan, including homework, Italian movies, books, podcasts, etc.

Also, you should try to think in Italian. Try to talk to yourself in Italian. Record yourself speaking in Italian.

Join Italian groups on social media. Surround yourself with Italian speakers. Make new friends who speak Italian.

And, if you get the chance, go to Italy!

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How to improve italian pronunciation

Learn more about how to speak Italian fluently.

Comprehensible input for the Italian language

Comprehensible input is language that’s one level above yours.

This means that the overall message of the language is clear to you even though some words and grammatical structures might be unfamiliar.

In other words, you can understand discourse in general terms, despite not understanding all the words and structures in it.

This kind of input helps you acquire language naturally, rather than learn it consciously.

Here are some comprehensible input activities:

  • Listen to stories that are not too easy
  • Find material that’s very visual
  • Sing songs
  • Play games
  • Watch the news and movies

This way, you’ll be exposed to slightly more complex language, which means you’ll be challenged and will speak fluent Italian in a shorter amount of time.

How to speak fluent Italian

Find out more about comprehensible input for Italian.

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