What’s the Meaning of Andiamo? Common Italian Exclamation


Key Takeaways

Discover the versatile Italian word andiamo and how it can express everything from “let’s go” to “come on!” Dive into the nuances of this exclamation and spice up your Italian conversations with local flair! 🇮🇹✨

  • Grasp the Basics: Andiamo is more than just a word; it’s a call to action! Whether you’re heading out or cheering on, this phrase is your Italian go-to. 🏃‍♂️💨
  • Imperative Mood, Major Impact: When urgency strikes, andiamo transforms into “let’s go!”—perfect for rallying the troops or beating the clock. ⏰👫
  • Cheer Like a Local: Scored a goal or aced a test? Shout e andiamo for that authentic Italian celebration vibe. 🎉🥳
  • Express Disbelief: When something’s too wild to be true, drop an andiamo to voice your amazement or skepticism. 🤯😲
  • Challenge Friends: Provoke a playful dare with andiamo and watch your friends step up their game. 😉👍
  • Embrace the Culture: Immerse yourself in Italian charm by mixing idioms and slang into your chats. Language is culture, after all! 🗣️🍝

Quick facts

What does "andiamo" mean in Italian?

"Andiamo" translates to "we go" or "let's go" and is used as an imperative.

How is "andiamo" used in everyday Italian speech?

It's used to encourage action, like "come on" or "let's go."

In which Italian region is "andiamo" especially common?

"Andiamo" is particularly common in Northern Italy.

What verb conjugation is "andiamo" derived from?

"Andiamo" is the first person plural of the verb "andare," meaning "to go."

Can "andiamo" express joy or excitement?

Yes, especially when preceded by "e," it can mean "come on!" in a joyful context.

How can "andiamo" be used to hurry someone?

You might say "Andiamo! Faremo tardi al cinema!" meaning "Come on! We'll be late for the movie!"

How is "andiamo" used to encourage someone?

For encouragement, you could say "Andiamo, ce la puoi fare!" meaning "Come on; you can make it!"

Can "andiamo" express disbelief?

Yes, in a context like "Ma andiamo! Ti sembra possibile?" meaning "Oh, come on! Do you think that's possible?"

How might "andiamo" provoke someone to show their skills?

You could say "Andiamo, fammi vedere quello che sai fare!" meaning "Come on, show me what you've got!"

Why is learning idioms like "andiamo" important in language study?

Idioms like "andiamo" enhance understanding and fluency, making language learning more authentic and engaging.

My Thoughts

Andiamo! If you ever go to Italy, you may often hear this interjection – especially in the North. It is mostly used as a sort of exhortation, but what does it mean?

This Italian word is a verb that can also be used to translate two very common English exclamations.

When studying a language, it’s important to know all the popular expressions and idioms. So, here are all the meanings of andiamo!

We Go, Let’s Go & Come On: the meaning of andiamo

If you took our Italian courses, you might have already recognized that andiamo is the present simple of a 1st-conjugation verb. More precisely, it is the first person plural of the verb andare, which means “to go“.

However, when it is used as an imperative, its meaning switches to “let’s go!”.

Let’s make an example:

Ogni giorno io e il mio cane andiamo al parco alle 8:00 di sera.

Me and my dog go to the park every day at 8:00 pm.

Ok, è tutto pronto. Andiamo!

Ok, everything’s ready. Let’s go!

Sometimes people also use andiamo as an exclamation of joy when something unexpectedly good happens. In these cases, it is usually preceded by the conjunction e and can be translated as “come on!“.

Campioni del Mondo… E ANDIAMO!!!

Champions of the World… COME ON!

Basically, you can use andiamo whenever you would say “come on” in English.

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For example, you can use it:

  • To tell someone to hurry up;
  • To encourage someone;
  • To express disbelief;
  • To provoke someone;

Andiamo! Faremo tardi al cinema!

Come on! We’ll be late for the movie!

Andiamo, ce la puoi fare!

Come on; you can make it!

Ma andiamo! Ti sembra possibile una cosa del genere?

Oh, come on! Do you think something like that could really happen?

Andiamo, fammi vedere quello che sai fare!

Come on, show me what you’ve got!

Let’s go!

Italian may sound difficult, but we believe you can learn it easily through listening, mimicking, and assimilating idioms and slang.

That’s why we dedicate so many articles to Italian words and culture.

If you want to take your knowledge of this beautiful language to the next level, check out the related sections of our blog and our free Italian lessons.

And if you really want to get serious, see our premium Italian courses as well. Andiamo!

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What's the meaning of Andiamo?

"Andiamo" is the present simple of a first-conjugation Italian verb. More precisely, it is the first-person plural of the verb "andare", which means "to go". It has different meanings: if used in a neutral sentence, it means "we go". When it's used in the imperative form, it means "let's go".

When do you use Andiamo in Italian?

Besides saying "we go" or "let's go", you can use "Andiamo" whenever you'd say "come on" in English. For example, you use to tell someone to hurry up, encourage someone, or express disbelief.

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