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How to keep up your practice?

The biggest struggles that language students face are keeping up with daily practice and keeping themselves accountable!

It’s always… I’ll do that later. But later never comes.

And before you know it, weeks have passed by without practicing any Italian at all!

If only you had someone there to prompt you and keep you on track.

Well… that’s where Marika comes in!

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Who's Marika?

Marika is your new Italian penpal!

But she is like no other… she won’t stop writing to you! (Well she will after 100 days!)

She is there to help you stay consistent with your Italian writing practice. 

And we all know that having a guide to help stay consistent is what we need when learning a new language.

Because practice makes perfect!

What do I get?

How does it work?

Why will this work for me?

An Italian penpal is perfect for those who need the motivation to practice their Italian writing without having to think of a topic to write about.

Part of the problem that people have when trying to learn a foreign language is that they struggle to find the time to practice.

But what people fail to realize is, it’s all about creating a habit.

It is said that it takes 90 days to form a habit. 

With an Italian penpal, you will receive emails over a period of 100 days.

The consistency of receiving the emails and responding will get you into the habit of writing and you’ll find yourself improving bit by bit. 

And better yet… once you reach 100 days, you will be in the swing of writing and you will continue to improve and progress quickly.

Marika will choose invigorating topics so that you’ll never be bored writing again!

You’ll be prompted to complete each writing task to ensure you are keeping up with your practice.

By the end of the 100 days, you will have written some amazing pieces to be proud of and your Italian skills will be out of this world!

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You might be thinking...

If you enjoy writing but need motivation and inspiration to keep up with daily practice, you’ll love keeping in touch with Marika.

The content is accessible to beginners. It’s never too early to start reading and writing!

Every email comes with Italian audio, Italian transcript, and English translation.

One day it’s a topic idea, the other is my personal example of what you could write about that topic.

The emails you’ll receive come with an English translation and are easily understood at an elementary level.

The grammar and vocabulary used in my emails gradually grow from total beginner’s level (A0) to elementary level (A2).

As for what you write, there are no easy or difficult topics. There are different ways of covering a topic at various levels.

As long as the task feels challenging and interesting, you’ll keep going and make progress.

No. You may write freely.

No. You may write freely.

No, to keep the challenge affordable and let you practice freely, corrections are not included.

However, you may share your stories with your tutor or friends and ask for their feedback.

No, I’d never do that without permission. Honestly, I don’t even open them. I’m busy playing chess.

No problem!

However, you learn faster if you take action and write instead of passively reading.

Yes, you’re encouraged to do that. My role is to keep you motivated, give you topic ideas and examples to learn from. The rest is up to you.

No problem! You’ll keep receiving new topics to write about, but there are no requirements to write about everything. Writing is a pleasure, not a duty!

You’ll receive emails on a regular basis to keep you engaged. However, there’s no obligation to write about every suggested topic or submit your writings.

The program ends after 100 days, but you may keep the emails forever.

No, this is a stand-alone program. You may take it whether you have an active plan or not.

No, you will not receive a reply.

Only to reach support about missing emails or refunds, you may get in touch with Stefano.

You’ll receive emails in your mailbox.

Check your spam folder. If you still can’t find them, get in touch.

You get the opportunity to read and write useful and realistic messages on a regular basis.

No need to wait for replies from busy language tandems, come up with topics.

This simple exercise will rapidly improve your reading and writing skills.

If you’re lucky enough to have a reliable study partner or tutor and the motivation to do your homework, you may do well without this program.

Or else, Marika is there for you!

Get in touch if your question is not answered above.

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Rave Reviews by Learners and Experts

Frederica – UK


Ripeti con me! has been the best language learning experience I’ve had.  

I have always been really shy about speaking languages, and the fact that you are speaking from the very first day really builds your confidence, makes you much more fluent, in terms of how you’re thinking in the language.

It’s been a real change for me. I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Takehiro – Japan


I have been taking lessons with Stefano for a year and a half. Stefano is an excellent teacher. Thanks to him, my Italian has improved dramatically.

Stefano understands all aspects of the Italian language. He has a lot of experience, not only in teaching Italian but also in language learning. This makes him an ideal teacher.

I highly recommend him!

Emily – Switzerland


I’ve been using it for several months and I was drawn to it.

It’s a method that works for people in the Peace Corps when they have to learn a language fast to repeat entire phrases and then use the context of the phrases to develop their language skills.

You’re not only listening and repeating whole phrases but you’re learning grammar step by step at the same time.

Anthony – UK


Stefano’s course has proven very effective in helping me develop my Italian, which is why I’ve been sticking with it for so long now.

And I’m very cautious as to which platform I use to help me learn, so this is worth every single penny.

Emily – USA


It is a system that is easy, brilliant—so easy that only somebody that really really understood teaching languages could come up with.

Every lesson builds on what came before it and you’re learning the language without even giving it a second thought.

I was able to converse naturally when we went to Italy. The words just flowed, I was no longer translating in my head.

I’ve come so much further than with Babbel or Duolingo. None of the silly games, no fill-in-the-blanks, no homework, no exercises to do — all the things that I felt like I was wasting time with.

I highly recommend it and I know if you try it it will work for you too.

Vivinne – USA


Ripeti Con Me has really helped with my language learning, with my speaking, which is what I’m mostly interested in.

I noticed within about 3 to 4 days of starting that my speaking ability took a jump as well as my listening comprehension.

James – Ireland


This course is brilliant.

I encourage anyone who takes on the course to go through those three different repetitions because they really do actually work.

As a complete beginner to Italian, I’ve found it a very stress-free and easy way to get into the language without any of the nervousness and anxiety that comes with face-to-face learning and being put on the spot.

I really recommend the course to anyone out there wanting to learn Italian.”

Jim – USA


I really like learning Italian on Think in Italian.

It’s a no-nonsense method that appeals to me – no time wasted doing exercises or playing games.

[Its sentences] are well thought out and they can be adapted to real conversation pretty easily.

No memorization either. It’s right to the point.

"Stefano is a fantastic educator. I recommend his lessons to all language lovers."
terry hsie
Thierry Hsieh
Founder - Polyglot Club (Taiwan)
"This course teaches the language intuitively. It can definitely help you improve your Italian."
nick dalhoff
Nick Dahlhoff
Founder - All Language Resources