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However, even the best language course won’t work if you don’t use it correctly and regularly.

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Your new method

How we all learn languages

After learning 12 languages, I came to the conclusion that we all learn languages by listening and mimicking.

A bit like we did when we were babies.

That’s why I created study material to learn Italian by speaking.

My courses

My learning resources include two libraries of lessons:

  1. Ripeti con me! (repeat after me) is an audio course to learn grammar without studying rules, but rather by listening and repeating many sample sentences.
  2. Leggi con me! (read with me) is a collection of bilingual readings with audio to expand your vocabulary with simplified yet real-world material.

The combination of the two will make you familiar with grammar patterns and let you put them into practice right away.

Here’s a video tour of my courses:

People love Think in Italian, you will too!

Audio course "Ripeti con me!"


First, listen to my very personal introduction to this course:

This is an audio course specifically designed for the Italian language with a focus on speaking.

I’ll show you how to say things in Italian and you’ll repeat after me to acquire vocabulary and grammar naturally.

Each lesson covers one grammar pattern without explicitly teaching it, but rather showing many examples in English and Italian.

ripeti con me screenshot
Lesson 1 of the audio course "Ripeti con me!"

How to take a lesson

Simply put, you need to repeat everything that you hear in Italian.

Every lesson includes 30 bilingual sentences and is made up of 3 sequences: A, B, and C.

Sequence A

  1. listen to a sentence in English
  2. hear it in Italian
  3. repeat it while you hear it again.

Sequence B

  1. listen to a sentence in English
  2. say that in Italian during the pause
  3. repeat the sentence in Italian while you hear it.

Don’t worry if you can’t recollect exactly. Try to say something anyway.

Sequence C

  1. speak along in Italian
lesson structure
Lesson structure: easy as ABC!

Pro tips

Now, I’ll give you a few tips to boost your progress:

  • Take one lesson a day, every day. Neither more nor less. If you feel ready, move on to the next lesson, or else repeat the lesson.
  • Take a night of sleep between lessons.
  • It’s vital that you listen and repeat what you hear. Don’t listen passively, or it would go into one ear and come out from the other.
  • The first time you listen to a lesson, don’t look at the transcript, but rather rely on audio.
  • Go through A, B, and C on the same day, in that order, all in a row, without pausing the audio. Together, they take about 15-30 minutes.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t remember or even understand everything you hear.
  • It’s totally normal to miss words and mumble phrases. You’ll catch them later.
  • There’s no need to stick to one lesson only because you don’t understand something.
  • If you can keep up somehow with about 70% of the content, move on to the next lesson; or else, repeat the lesson the day after.
  • If you hit a wall, go back a few lessons and everything will feel easier than before.

FAQs about Ripeti Con Me and other topics are available on the support page.

Grammar notes

Personally, I never study grammar explicitly, but I rather acquire it by making mistakes in conversation.

That’s why my lessons do not include grammar notes in order to focus on speaking.

However, you do find a link to grammar notes on every lesson of Ripeti con me!

Try reading after you finish the lesson, not before.

Readings "Leggi con me!"

Reading the smart way

Reading is useful to expand your vocabulary and to put into practice what you’ve learned in class.

However, usually, people read silently. This makes it difficult to recollect and recount what you just read.

That’s why in Leggi con me! (read with me), first, you listen to a story and then read it aloud.

This also improves your pronunciation.

The readings don’t follow a path but are sorted by level.

I add new material every day, so there’s always something new to learn!

What’s in a reading

The collection of readings is made up of 5 categories:

  • Short stories
  • News
  • Conversations
  • Jokes
  • Songs

Every reading includes:

  • Audio with adjustable narration speed.
    First, rely on the audio without reading.
  • Italian transcript.
    After the first round of listening, read aloud the Italian text without looking at the translation.
  • English translation.

Bookmark a story and review it after a few days. You’ll be surprised by how much more you can understand!

leggi con me screenshot
A good read

Get started

Bravo! You made it to the end.

If you’re motivated enough to read this, you’ll also make progress fast with my lessons.

Now, you may start to study on your own.

I collected all the resources you need on your dashboard.

Bookmark the page and visit it every day to find the lessons you need right away.

The dashboard shows lessons based on your level of Italian. You may set your level at any time on your dashboard.

If you still have questions, click the help icon at the top of the dashboard.

Happy learning!

Ciao ciao!

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Your dashboard

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