Do you struggle with choosing the right prepositions when using verbs related to movement in Italian?

You’re not alone. Many learners find this aspect of the language perplexing and struggle with its correct usage.

In this article, we will explore this issue and provide you with useful tips to learn Italian prepositions that go with verbs of movement. 

Prepositions with verbs of movement

Verbs of motion in Italian are often accompanied by prepositions to show direction or place. Common prepositions connected to verbs of motion are:

Other verbs like portare (to bring), prendere (to take), and seguire (to follow) also have prepositions linked with motion. Examples: Portare al mare – Bring to the sea; Prendere il treno per Roma – Take the train to Rome; Seguire lungo la strada – Follow along the road.

Italian prepositional combinations make it easier to accurately express movement in Italian. Did you know? The use of prepositions in Italian is based on Latin, where cases indicated relationships between words. Over time, these cases became prepositions, leading to the complex system we see today. Enjoy travelling without a passport!

Verbs of motion in Italian

Italian verbs of motion often need prepositions to show direction or location. Below is a table with some common examples. Remember, the meaning can change depending on the preposition.

Verb Preposition Meaning
Andare A To
Venire Da From
Entrare In Into
Uscire Da Out of


Italian language and movement

Knowing which prepositions to use with verbs of motion is essential. Examples of common prepositions used in Italian for movement verbs:

Prepos. 1 Prepos. 2 Prepos. 3
Verb 1 – Go a verso in
Verb 2 – Come da verso attraverso
Verb 3 – Walk per dentro intorno a

Learning the right prepositions for each verb can improve Italian proficiency. For example, “andare verso” means to move in a certain direction, while “venire da” means to come from a place. Mastering these nuances helps to communicate precisely in Italian.

My friend once had a bad experience getting lost in Rome. Despite years of Italian study, their trouble with directions showed the importance of knowing correct prepositions with motion verbs. This story made it clear that even small details are key to navigating and speaking another language confidently.

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