Transparent Language Italian alternative (works better for speaking like a native)


Discover why Transparent Language Italian might not be the best choice for mastering the language and explore a dynamic alternative that promises to get you thinking in Italian with just 20 minutes a day!

  • Transparent Language’s Flaw: While it teaches useful vocabulary, it neglects the crucial grammar and sentence structure, leaving you ill-equipped for real conversations.
  • Repetition Overload: Get ready for a snooze-fest! The program’s heavy reliance on repetition can turn learning into a dull, uninspiring task.
  • Isolated Learning: Words alone won’t cut it. Without context, you’re just memorizing phrases without understanding how to use them in a dialogue.
  • Ripeti con me! – A Better Way: Embrace a method that mirrors natural language acquisition, focusing on voice and imitation to boost your Italian skills.
  • Grammar and Vocabulary: Dive into a course that doesn’t just throw words at you but helps you grasp grammar structures and retain new vocabulary.
  • Daily Commitment: Just 20 minutes a day with this alternative can transform your Italian, making you think in the language faster than you’d believe!
  • Engaging Content: Say goodbye to boredom with a mix of short stories, dialogues, jokes, and music that make learning Italian a blast.
  • Audio-Visual Learning: Enhance comprehension with audio lessons and transcripts in both English and Italian, catering to different learning styles.

My thoughts

Transparent Language Italian

Transparent Language is a language learning program that emphasizes useful vocabulary over memorizing grammar rules.

Transparent offers the most languages of any language software, ranging from the most famous to those with few users worldwide.

The Essentials courses are designated as being excellent for beginners and promise to help students “quickly understand a set of widely used vocabulary and phrases.”

The structure of each language course is the same, and you will complete nearly identical tasks and activities. Presumably, you’ll leave having grasped the necessary basics that will help you survive in any nation you’re visiting.

For Italian, most of the material may be found in the “My Learning Path” section, which includes several lessons on subjects like “Plan Your Trip,” “Staying at a Hotel,” and “Buying Clothes.”

There are three or four lessons in each subject, each offering six to nine different training options.

These normally begin with a ‘Language Comparison,’ followed by a ‘Preview It,’ before learning how to say it yourself in ‘Pronunciation Practice.’

The activities that follow each have a somewhat different format but are meant to help you read, understand, speak, and recall the words and phrases from the session.

What’s wrong with Transparent Language Italian

The exercises teach you how to read, write, understand, and pronounce a variety of words and phrases in Italian, but the syntax and structure of the language are either almost completely ignored or are only mentioned seemingly as a bonus.

This means that you only learn to say or write words in isolation.

After going through all the material, there is very little possibility that you will be able to have a dialogue with native Italian speakers.

The heavy use of repetition also makes it rather boring, and even after completing different exercises, you’ll still only have learned the phrases you were given at the start.

transparent language italian alternative

Transparent Language alternative for the Italian language

Although you would pick up some useful vocabulary, we simply can’t suggest using these classes because they’re not entirely helpful.

A better Italian alternative for you to consider is Ripeti con me!

Studies have shown that using voice and imitation to learn is more effective. Similar to how we did when we first learned our language as kids.

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How to Learn Languages Fast

But you can’t just keep saying the same things. This course assists you in learning grammar structures and retaining the vocabulary you are exposed to.

If you have 20 minutes to spare each day, you can drastically improve your Italian to the point where you can think entirely in Italian in a few days.

With this course, you will also put your speaking into perspective and have fun by reading a selection of short stories, news, real-life dialogues, jokes, and music.

To help you better understand the readings, listen to the audio and read the English and Italian transcripts that go with them.

Learn more about the Ripeti con me! course here.

Is Transparent language worth?

Although you will learn some important vocabulary, we cannot recommend taking these classes because they are not fully helpful.

Is Transparent language good?

From the most well-known to the ones with the fewest users worldwide, Transparent offers the most languages of any language program. The activities teach you how to read, write, understand, and speak a wide range of Italian words and expressions, but the grammar and structure of the language are either almost entirely ignored or are only addressed as a bonus.

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Hai voglia di fare una passeggiata?
Do you feel like going for a walk?
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  1. This sounds like a great resource for improving my Italian speaking skills! I can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for sharing!

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