Rocket Italian review

Key Takeaways

From the text, readers will learn about the features, benefits, and user reviews of Rocket Italian, as well as an alternative course, Ripeti Con Me.

  • Rocket Italian offers 33 lessons focusing on the most important aspects of the Italian language.
  • The course includes a Language and Culture section for more in-depth learning, helping you become a fluent Italian speaker.
  • Each lesson is around 20 minutes long, making it easy to fit into your daily routine.
  • Rocket Italian is a structured, linear course, which may feel too rigid for those who prefer a more flexible learning style.
  • An alternative, Ripeti Con Me, focuses on improving your listening skills and pronunciation through repetition, with a 7-day free trial available.

Quick facts

What are the key components of Rocket Italian's structure?

Rocket Italian includes 33 core lessons and an in-depth "Language and Culture" course to promote fluency.

How does Rocket Italian maintain user engagement during lessons?

Each lesson lasts around 20 minutes, ideal for staying focused and fitting into daily routines.

What additional tools does Rocket Italian offer for language mastery?

Rocket Italian includes pronunciation tests to improve speaking and comprehension speed.

How flexible is Rocket Italian for varying schedules?

The course is accessible anytime after a one-time purchase, making it convenient for any schedule.

Is Rocket Italian suitable for all learning styles?

While great for structured learners, its linear format may feel too rigid for those preferring a personalized approach.

What do users say about Rocket Italian's effectiveness?

Users appreciate its structured, linear progression but note it may not suit everyone.

How does Ripeti Con Me differ from Rocket Italian?

Ripeti Con Me focuses on listening and repeating sentences, enhancing listening skills and pronunciation.

What unique benefit does Ripeti Con Me offer?

It encourages you to start thinking in Italian within days, using subtle sentence variations.

How long does it take to see progress with Ripeti Con Me?

Dedicating just 20 minutes daily can lead to noticeable improvements in a few days.

Is there a trial option for Ripeti Con Me?

Yes, Ripeti Con Me offers a 7-day free trial, making it risk-free to start.

Audio images

Rocket Italian users say it's excellent for structured learning.
Le lezioni di Rocket Italian durano circa 20 minuti ciascuna.
Il corso è accessibile ovunque.




Rocket Italian è un corso completo.

Rocket Italian is a comprehensive course.

Il metodo di apprendimento è molto efficace.

The learning method is very effective.

Puoi praticare la conversazione con audio interattivi.

You can practice conversation with interactive audio.

Ci sono molte risorse per migliorare la grammatica.

There are many resources to improve grammar.

Il corso offre anche esercizi di scrittura.

The course also offers writing exercises.

My Thoughts

Rocket Italian Rocket Languages review

Rocket Italian Review

With Rocket Italian, you get access to 33 lessons that will teach you the most important aspects of Italian.

After that, you can start working with “Language and Culture”, which is an online Italian course that goes a little more in-depth and helps you become a fluent Italian speaker.

On top of that, you can test and improve your pronunciation. This will help you learn and understand everything much faster and better.

Each lesson is around 20 minutes long so that you won’t get bored, and the great thing is that you can listen to it whenever you go to work, school, or simply when you have 20 minutes to spare.

When you buy this online Italian course, you will receive both the audio course and the grammar course.

It’s a one-time purchase, and you can access it at any time you need it.

Also, Rocket Italian is a great option for people who like structure. It’s a structured, linear course that has numbered modules and lessons moving you from start to finish.

That means that if you do better learning your own way, you may feel that Rocket Italian is too rigid and linear for your taste.

Rocket Italian users say it's excellent for structured learning.

Rocket Italian Users’ Reviews

Let’s have a look at what Rocket Italian users say:Italian course Rocket languages reviewItalian course Rocket Italian reviewReview of Rocket Italian courseRocket Italian course review

Le lezioni di Rocket Italian durano circa 20 minuti ciascuna.

Alternative: Ripeti Con Me

A great alternative if you really want to learn Italian is Ripeti Con Me.

Ripeti Con Me will make you think in Italian.

Basically, you will improve your Italian just by listening and repeating sentences, meaning your listening skills will get better, as well as your pronunciation.

As you listen to the course, you will notice small changes in the sentences. You may not notice the changes at first, but you’ll soon realize that just by listening, your Italian is improving.

Free Guide
How to Learn Languages Fast

All it takes is 20 minutes every day, and you’ll start thinking in Italian in just a few days.

And the great thing is that you can start a 7-day free trial!

Why not give it a go?

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Test your knowledge in 10 quick questions


Does Rocket Italian work?

Rocket Italian is a comprehensive and user-friendly language program. It is perfect for beginners or lower-intermediate learners. You can certainly learn how to speak and write Italian with this program independently.

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